Flight Logging and Data Analytics Advancement

Are you sick of the clerical side of flight plans? Bored of writing up mission completion debriefs? Exhausted from following personnel along their individual flights? Say no more, the solution is here and is ready for you today.

DroneLogbook effectively simplifies the management of compliance and administrative tasks in the UAV industry by operating a UAV pilot logbook. This logbook provides maintenance reporting, flight tracking, fleet management, and so much more. They are world-class leaders when it comes to automating flight logs across UAV platforms, so were the obvious choice for Sky-Drones when it came to providing its clients with the very best in the industry.

Sky-Drones and DroneLogbook began working together in May 2019 when the company started using DroneLogbook to support its SmartAP systems. What this means in literal terms is that users’ flight data is stored in DroneLogbook and Sky-Drones users upload flight logs to DroneLogbook for storage and data processing. The partnership has thrived and been an effective ongoing element within the Sky-Drones software application range, but why stop there? We thrive on giving the most we can back to our customers, so that is exactly what we aim to do here.

Both companies have now embarked on the latest development of the partnership: an integration that allows users to sync their logs directly within Sky-Drones software to DroneLogbook, purely for the matter of convenience. But how?

When Sky-Drones Cloud users log into their account, the integrations tab contains DroneLogbook. Once users have connected their Sky-Drones account to their DroneLogbook account, the sky becomes the limit. Automatically, the option to auto-sync data to your DroneLogbook account appears; yet another added extra for our users to pick and choose as
they see fit. Beyond this, after opening your flight logs within Sky-Drones Cloud, the option to upload all your data to DroneLogbook will always be on the screen, available and ready when you are. Within seconds, all your data from flight maps and locations to UAV maintenance records and schedules will be stored and synced, and clients can bounce back and forth from Sky-Drones Cloud and DroneLogbook.

Not only is this advancement in the partnership revolutionary in terms of data storage and security, but it provides Sky-Drones Cloud users with a portfolio of additional data categories to enter and analyse. We aim to provide the most useful, robust, and easy to use systems on the market. This means giving you options to succeed in your enterprise business. It is one of the reasons we are continually developing and advancing our hardware
and software solutions with leading partnerships such as with DroneLogbook.

To find out more information about what you obtain when using Sky-Drones Cloud with integrated services from DroneLogbook, head over to https://sky-drones.com/sky-drones-cloud or get in touch for more information via info@sky-drones.com

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