Terra Drone Has Been Conducting Drone Flare Stack Inspection for Chevron

Terra Drone Indonesia, a group company of the Terra Drone Corporation based in Japan, has been conducting visual and thermal inspection of the onshore flare stack for an energy company, Chevron (PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia)in Indonesia. The inspection is carried out in the Duri area, one of the largest production fields in the Rokan PSC, Sumatra, Indonesia. Using a multirotor drone equipped with high-resolution RGB and thermal cameras, Terra Drone inspects multiple flare stacks in a way that is more effective, faster and safer than conventional visual inspection methods.
Previously, Chevron had conducted a visual inspection of the flare stack which was still operating using binoculars. This method makes it impossible for oil and gas companies to examine assets at close range, to get a detailed picture of the condition of the flare stack. Meanwhile, Terra Drone’s inspection drone is able to take photos of excellent quality and clarity to enable inspectors to accurately assess the condition of the Flare Stack. Furthermore, the radiometric thermal camera mounted on the drone can study performance and function and identify temperature anomalies on the flare stack. With these data sets, comprehensive direct contactless flare stack inspection reports can be generated as recommended and can be provided to the operator.
The use of drone technology in the oil and gas industry is not new and its applications have been widely introduced worldwide by Terra Drone. Experience provides services by applying UAV technology in many areas such as vertical structure inspection, storage tank inspection, pipeline surveillance, asset and facility inventory survey, and gas leak detection using state-of-the-art sensors.
“In the future, we see a large potential in the European market to implement our technology and experiences we have earned in Asia. There are many benefits and applications of drones that will attract oil and gas companies to adapt them in their daily operations,” said Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Drone Corporation.

About Terra Drone Europe
Terra Drone Europe bundles extensive knowledge and experience in asset inspections, geodesy, topographic surveying(Visual / LiDAR), and 3D visualisation into one company. In November 2018, Skeye became part of the Terra Drone group and changed its name to Terra Drone Europe in March 2019. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit https://terra-drone.eu/en/

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