SkyTask, Inc. Announces FAA Waiver Approval for BVLOS Remote Flight Operations at Colorado State University Drone Center

Remote UAV Flight Operations company SkyTask, Inc. announced today that it received its first FAA Waiver approvals for Beyond Visual Line Of Site (BVLOS) flight operations.

Waivers Approved:

  • FAA 14 CFR § 107.31 (Visual Line of Sight Aircraft Operation)
  • FAA 14 CFR § 107.33 (Visual Observer)

The approved waivers authorize SkyTask to conduct remote flight operations at Colorado State University’s Drone Research Center, at Christman Airfield in Fort Collins, CO. The approvals mark a significant milestone achievement for the company which has developed a secure flight operation solution for industries advancing UAV based asset monitoring and inspection programs.

SkyTask’s approach to the management of the airspace around industrial drone operations utilizes an integrated set of functions including secure field device management, optical Detect And Avoid (DAA) technology and real-time cloud based management to comprehensively address regulatory barriers currently limiting UAV inspection programs.

“This first regulatory approval serves as a significant validation of our design approach and opens the door for us to take our system to the next level,” says Dave Belt, Chief Technologist with SkyTask. “Our next step is to solidify our system implementation at Christman Airfield to support our direct customer trials within the Energy Services industry.”

The CSU Drone Center has been an instrumental partner supplying top tier facilities, vertical experience and engineering resources playing a vital role in simulating real world applications of the solution. Their continued involvement as a strategic partner has enabled SkyTask to take their solution from concept to reality.

“As an emerging UAV innovation company, SkyTask keeps its focus on developing enabling security technologies with the goal of opening the skies for advanced industrial UAV operations. These waiver approvals for safe flight over industrial infrastructure utilizes SkyTask’s perimeter protection combining real-time airspace awareness with aircraft device trust,” said Paul Ragland, Co-Founder and President.

ABOUT SkyTask, Inc.

SkyTask, Inc. is a leading fixed perimeter drone security solution committed to making industrial asset inspections safer through airspace awareness and hardware enforced flight boundary solutions. These technologies provide the most robust mitigation actions to protect the airspace against interference with existing aircraft and strictly enforce flight boundaries around FAA waivered properties.

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