UAVOS Designs Curing Oven for Composite UAS Components

UAVOS’ experienced team has designed and manufactured a high-performance Curing Oven to meet its specific composite process requirements. The composite curing oven is used to cure, anneal, dry, and harden synthetic and composite materials. UAVOS’ oven allows to cure various materials of complex contours, shapes, and sizes all while providing fast heat-up rates and cycle times, superior temperature uniformity, and an optimal cure.

UAVOS’ out of autoclave (OOA) composite curing oven is available electrically heated. It’s designed with a combination airflow arrangement which ensures even & uniform heat distribution throughout the work chamber and provides quicker heating rates and recovery times. The curing oven has a maximum operating temperature of 200°C and work chamber dimensions of 466 mm wide x 2050 mm long x 502 mm high. Guaranteed temperature uniformity is of ±5°C at set point 200°C. To maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product, horizontal and vertical upward airflow are featured in this oven.

The curing process for composite materials includes bagging and putting them under a vacuum while being cured. The features of this composite curing oven include the technology of making tubular and cylindrical shapes due to adjustable rotation of the product for even distribution of resin on a composite product and forming their ideal geometry.

To optimize airflow, heat transfer, and overall oven performance there is software control, as well as data collection. The intuitive interface provides unrivalled useability and process feedback.

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