Smart Software, Hard Working Hardware, Drones that Dominate

Industry-leading fleet management platform meets specialist avionic hardware solution for powering drones for enterprise

As the UAV industry expands, drones are fast becoming an integral part of multiple unrelated industries, leading to legislations evolving to cater for more complex and developed drone uses. Players in the field are suddenly seeing the need to provide safer and more efficient technologies, making safety and efficiency the elements that are fast becoming THE most important factors in UAV flights.

With this in mind, two major players in the UAS industry are partnering up to give global airspace users the opportunity of a lifetime. High Lander and Sky-Drones Technologies are leaders in flight management, control, and communication systems, but together they have a brand-new ceiling to break. Who are these guys?

High Lander are a drone control software platform. Never has it been so easy to control every single drone fleet operation within one easy-to-use dashboard. From a state-of-the-art Operations Centre to a revolutionary Live Link, missions can be planned, saved, and repeated. Controlled, altered, and edited in-flight. Viewed, hidden, published. Endless possibilities can be achieved with High Lander’s intuitive drone control software solutions; pair that with Sky-Drones’ hardware and the sky really is the limit.

Sky-Drones build highly sophisticated hardware for enterprise drone operations, including flight control, ground control, and communication systems. Sky-Drones’ hardware range features a complete combination of autopilot, artificial intelligence, and done connectivity. Having met the needs of the delivery, agriculture, surveillance and security, and inspection sectors for almost 10 years, Sky-Drones produces the most efficient and highly sought-after hardware available in the UAS industry.  

New and existing users will now have the opportunity to take advantage of both High Lander’s smart software and Sky-Drones’ hard-working hardware; UAV size, unit number, flight distance and location are no longer deciding factors when initiating take off within your UAV fleet, because this partnership starts now. Your mission starts now. But how?

Sky-Drones’ hardware will provide you with the infrastructure to operate your entire UAV fleet; autopilot, flight planning and control, and drone to external user communication. High Lander will provide you with the platform to operate every element of your fleet of drones through their application. What this means in literal terms for users is installing the UAV hardware from Sky-Drones, downloading the High Lander app and creating an account, connecting to the hardware, and taking off. Control your UAV and all its supporting operations using High Lander’s Operations Centre, Remote Cockpit, and much more.

The aim of this partnership is to bring about further safety and security for both UAV users and the public on the ground below. By fulfilling the flight control and fleet management needs, High Lander and Sky-Drones are allowing for safer operations, heightened public safety, and tighter security measures. We endeavour to push forward with the recent advances in drone delivery, especially on a medical capacity, and the reduction of accidents in the surveying and inspection industries; using drones is the obvious way forward, so let us be the obvious choice for you. Control your UAV fleet using a combination of the world’s leading avionics specialists. High Lander and Sky-Drones. Smart software, hard-working hardware. Together, your drones will dominate.

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