DroneShield Conducts Successful U.S. Air Force Base Demonstration

DroneShield Ltd  is pleased to announce, in partnership with Trakka Systems, a successful demonstration of the TIPS-C (Trakka Interceptor Package Solution) at Eglin Air Force Base. The TIPS-C is designed to better serve the ISR, inspection, UAS and C-UAS marketplaces.

On February 24, 2021, an executive team from DroneShield and Trakka Systems met with multiple key decision makers and members from Hanscom and Eglin AFB at the Northwest Florida Fairgrounds to demonstrate the unmatched capabilities of the TIPS-C total package solution.
The TIPS-C, mounted on a mobile platform, provides a flexible, early detection, identification, and neutralizing counter UAS solution for the rapidly evolving UAS threat. Trakka’s partnered vendor DroneShield provided DroneSentry-C2™ software, which is designed to produce a common operating picture for drone detection and tracking within the local airspace. DroneSentry-C2™ ingested the data from several sensors, including the radar, radio frequency (RF), and our TrakkaCam TC-300 to provide an intuitive visualization of the airspace and potential drone threats.

DroneShield’s DroneSentry-C2™ integrates RadarZero™ radar, TrakkaCam TC-300, and DroneOptID™ AI-based computer vision engine to provide real-time drone detection and tracking with slew-to-cue camera for visual threat assessment and video evidence recording.

The backbone of the TIPS-C is an open architecture command and control center with TrakkaMaps TM-100 proprietary mapping solution that can incorporate any number of third-party complementary detection and neutralizing devices. Our advanced software algorithms can detect, identify, and automatically track drones of any size while dismissing other moving objects (including birds) in detections zones. This feature all but eliminates the false positives that challenge other systems, thereby saving precious time in the heat of imminent threats.

The demonstration was, overall, an excellent success. Additional feedback from our partners and customers set the TIPS-C above any product they’ve seen:

“No OEM has been able to successfully demonstrate an integrated system that detects UAS, slews optical sensor onto target and tracks, then classifies the UAS.”

“Setup time from covert to up and detecting was less than 10 minutes. For a mobile, multi-sensor system that’s unprecedented.”

“Integrated capability allows operators to detect and protect while on the move and at the halt in a low-SWaP form factor.”

“The autonomous nature of not only multi-sensor detection, but fusion and continuous tracking of the UAV with little to no cognitive burden on the analyst or operator.”

The breakthrough capabilities of the TIPS-C provide an expert suite of low risk, seamlessly integrated UAS detection and mapping solutions that are flexible, aware, reliable, and economical.

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