Texas Department of Public Safety Awards DroneSense SaaS Contract

DroneSense, the Austin-based developers of the DroneSense Public Safety Drone Platform, has been awarded an agreement with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to improve situational awareness by centralizing and integrating massive data sets, and creating the ideal environment for multiple agencies to collaborate and work together effectively to face any public safety crisis. DPS awarded DroneSense the contract with options to renew for multiple years.

Built for pilots, operators, and administrators to communicate easily and effectively with one another and share mission-critical information, DroneSense allows for seamless communication and collaboration while supporting a wide variety of drones, tablets, and sensors. The hardware agnostic platform means agencies can utilize DroneSense while using preferred hardware combinations from manufacturers including DJI, Parrot, and Autel.

DroneSense provides an unmatched level of situational awareness, allowing operators and teams to coordinate operations from anywhere. Centralizing, standardizing, and securing massive amounts of raw data across multiple agencies makes processing and parsing through the information much faster, allowing teams to make timely, informed decisions to safely complete the mission.

Texas DPS is one of the country’s premier Public Safety agencies with a broad range of mission requirements including law enforcement, counterterrorism, disaster response and search and rescue. Their drone program started in 2017 and includes over 100 sUAS units today and growing. In addition, they offer drone operation training at their Florence, TX facility where they train agencies from across the state and country in real-world situations including night operations, SAR and clearing facilities.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with the Texas Department of Public Safety, and look forward to sharing what we’re able to offer other public safety agencies like law enforcement, fire, and emergency management,” said Chris Eyhorn, CEO of DroneSense. “The scale of the DPS drone program gives us great insight into features and capabilities to enhance our solution and better serve other Public Safety agencies. Our goal is to provide the most complete set of information in a way that provides drone teams and supporting agencies the information needed to effectively respond to any emergency scenario.” 

About DroneSense

Based in Austin, TX, DroneSense offers a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to build, manage, and scale unmanned aircraft programs. DroneSense has built a mission-critical software platform that enables users to leverage the full capabilities of drones in all operations. Drones powered by the DroneSense platform provide decision quality data that expands situational awareness and acts as a force multiplier, ultimately leading to more lives saved.

To learn more about DroneSense, please visit www.DroneSense.com.

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