Wabbi awarded U.S. Air Force SBIR Phase I Contract

Wabbi, a Secure DevOps (SecDevOps) Infrastructure Platform, announced today they have been awarded a Phase I SBIR contract by AFWERX, the group that enables the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force to adopt cutting-edge commercially available technology into their practices for rapid and affordable commercial and military capability.

“Many mind-blowing ideas are being birthed in U.S. startup companies. In order to capture these ideas, the DoD must do business at the speed of innovation; inspiring and accelerating startup creativity toward national security challenges,” noted the AFWERX team of their SBIR program in partnership with Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).

Wabbi was selected to help the software factories of the U.S. Air Force tackle one of today’s biggest challenges in developing secure software for all federal agencies leveraging rapid development practices: Continuous ATO (Authority-to-Operate). By bringing security into every step of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), Continuous ATO ensures that an application has a level of security that is at least equal to, if not greater than, the Risk Management Framework (RMF).

Air Force, one of the world’s top innovators in software development, has been the tip of the spear in modernizing software development practices in the DoD, as well as across the Government by mirroring the best practices of commercial enterprises, such as shifting to Agile Development. Even with an improved DevOps process, security remains a bottleneck due to the largely manual processes. Wabbi will enable a centralized repository of application security tools, processes, and information that can be integrated into development workflows, automating security processes to reduce O&M costs, while improving time to the warfighter. With Wabbi, choices no longer have to be made between speed and security, giving Air Force development teams the confidence to know that their code was developed in accordance with their cybersecurity standards, while still meeting delivery timelines.

“This is a chance to work with some of the top teams on the toughest problems to set the new standard for deploying security in the modern development lifecycle. Because of the availability of their threat intel, their requirements may even change hourly – with Wabbi and Continuous ATO, they will be able to deploy software with the confidence that they’re always meeting the most current security standards,” notes Brittany Greenfield, Founder & CEO of Wabbi.

The native capabilities of Wabbi’s platform provide continuous authorization, enabling centralized, real-time governance of ATO standards, to then allow the flexibility of management at any level, applying the right risk categorization for each project, whether it’s for a mission critical drone or the mess hall.

About Wabbi

Wabbi is a Secure DevOps (SecDevOps) Infrastructure Platform, enabling companies to deliver more secure code while reducing delivery risk. By making application security scalable across DevOps pipelines, rapid development teams no longer have to decide between agility and security.

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AFWERX, in partnership with Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), and the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN), developed the SBIR Open Topics to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and transition rate of the SBIR program. Through a competitive awards-based program, the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program enables small businesses to explore their technological potential and provides the incentive to profit from its commercialization.

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