Remote GeoSystems Awarded Patent for Essential Geospatial Full Motion “Video Geo-editing” Technology

Remote GeoSystems, Inc., a global provider of immersive geospatial full motion video and survey data mapping software and recorder solutions, is pleased to announce the award of US Patent Number 10,893,287 on January 12, 2021 for essential elements of “video geo-editing” technology capabilities.

The patent covers map-based GPS data and video segment selection, extraction and re-splicing functionality found in products like LineVision Desktop, Video GeoEditor and other evolving Remote GeoSystems mapping and data management solutions.

This exclusive GPS track geospatial video data editing functionality applies to a wide variety of geo-referenced video file formats from videos with associated GPS “companion files,” videos with GPS in the closed caption subtitles and videos with embedded GPS data such as consumer devices like action cameras and drones all the way up to airborne gyro-stabilized gimbal camera turrets generating MISB FMV 0601 / STANAG 4609 mil-spec video files with embedded location metadata.

This video geo-editing functionality provides users (as well as automation) the ability to select geographic beginning and end points along a continuous GPS path corresponding to a video file of the same time length in a map display. Upon selection, the segment of video and corresponding GPS points for just that portion of video between the beginning and end points is extracted and removed from the geospatial representation on the map display. The original, non-extracted video segments are then able to be retained as either separate video files or combined into a single video file. Either way, the corresponding GPS location points and time data for each video segment is kept in sync with the video’s original geographic location on the map display prior to the video segment extraction.

Being able to extract portions of georeferenced video file while keeping geospatial accuracy intact for the other portions offers improved efficiency and focused content deliverables from large-scale geospatial full motion video survey, inspection and surveillance operations. For example, imagine a pipeline or powerline patrol flight where the aircraft has to make a loop around to accommodate turn in the line right of way. The interactive map-based deliverables can now be enhanced by easily removing unusable/unneeded video footage from the loops along the right of way, reducing storage requirements and improving the end-user experience.

Patent Number 10,893,287 is the third US Patent issued to Remote Geosystems. Learn more at

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