UAVOS introduces new Composite Main Rotor Blades

UAVOS, the unmanned systems manufacturer, announced its next-generation composite main rotor blades to be installed on helicopters with up to 140 kg take-off mass and rotor diameter of 3200 mm (126″). Composite blades are improved by gluing an all-metal edging into the leading edge. As a result of the new design upgrades, not only has the aerodynamic performance of the blades been enhanced but also wear resistance has increased under severe weather conditions. With the new design the operating life of the blade has doubled.

After many hours of design, testing, and analysis by UAVOS’s engineers and clients, a new modification of the main rotor blades with an increased life has been built. Not only are the new rotor blades intended to significantly increase aircraft performance at high elevations and temperatures but they also increase fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. The UAVOS’ blades are fully interchangeable and carry a life-limit of 2,600 hours.

UAVOS is a developer and manufacturer of security and commercial solutions based on advanced Unmanned Systems. UAVOS is a company with an international investor base. UAVOS’ technology, products, and tailored services include multi-role UAVs, unique autopilot, advanced communication systems, UAV components, and performance-based
training. UAVOS is involved in stratospheric R&D projects developing the HiDRON meteo missions strato glider, the HAPS ApusDuo autonomous aircraft ready to deliver the missions from the stratosphere.  UAVOS’ fundamental goal is to create the right partnership and cooperation with customers worldwide, in order to build mutual capabilities of technologies
and innovation for the benefit of our partners and customers.

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