Insight into HEISHA D135 drone charging station for DJI Matrice300

HEISHA TECH launched the D135 autonomous drone charging station for DJI Matrice300 on 8th Feb 2021. The open size is only 160*160*110cm and the weight is 275 KG.

What’s inside of the D135?

Firstly, the primary part is the drone charging pad, which still adopts the classic contact method to charge after centralizing the drone. We have tried using the mechanic arms to do the drone battery swapping, the cost is much higher. Because of the lower stability, it’s not as workable as the drone charging pad.

The canopy design is same with DNEST. This design is also considered from the perspective of stability. The single-motor mode is extremely simple and stable without worrying about the elevator control failures, the synchronous control issues during the double-opening process, or the waterproof surfaces. Another factor is that this roller mode can resist the thick snow without deformation.

The air conditioner section, which supports both cooling and warming.

The T3 section, this is our monitoring equipment and weather station, which contains our mission planning computer, router, and remote-control bracket.

The drone charging station looks simple, but it is actually not easy to stabilize.

The first is that only high integration assures higher stability. If it is just a bunch of components with many solder joints and connections, problems are prone to occur. The control circuit board must be good enough to make the integration high and functional. We have spent a lot of time on this board.

Secondly, it is difficult to efficiently charge the battery of the DJI Matrice300. It took us a lot of effort to find the right way. We really hope that DJI could be more open. It is really not easy to drone accessory suppliers.

Answers to some frequently asked questions by customers:

First, can we use our own shell? Of course, we are fully open, even if you only want our DPad135 (the drone charging pad part).

HEISHA has good software partners, such as FREESKY, FlytBase, HIGHLANDER. They are all excellent drone software providers. If you prefer the software developed by yourself, we are happy to provide the drone charging hardware platform.

Of course, the most asked question is the price. please email us:

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