UAVOS Launches 3rd Generation Of Heavy-Duty Pan Tilt Tracking Platform For Payloads Up To 130 kg

The PPT140 Pan Tilt Tracking Platform is a two – axis positioning system designed to withstand harsh and extreme environmental and weather conditions. This heavy – duty precision unit supports payloads of up to 130 kg and is ideal for real-time long-range observation stations, providing up to 360˚ tilt movement. State-of-the-art built-in control electronics and algorithms provide precise, smooth motion at all speeds, while an integrated slip ring allows continuous rotation of the pan axis.

The PTP140 Pan Tilt Tracking Platform is based on UAVOS Xservo-Series Actuator which is designed to be used in industrial applications where high accuracy, high torque and low weight are essential.The PTP140 can carry up to 60 kg customized payload (EO/IR, antennas etc.) under full dynamic and 130 kg under limited dynamic. The payload can consist of daylight and IR cameras, laser range finder (LRF), RF antennas, designators, illumination systems, and etc.

The body of the unit is made of high quality painted aluminum (or Saltwater Resistant Aluminum Alloy) with rugged hermetic circular military connectors. The heavy – duty pan tilt design is made for a harsh environment. The PTP140 Pan Tilt Tracking Platform is waterproof/dustproof with IP65 protection class.

UAVOS’ Pan Tilt Tracking Platform is designed to carry a range of payloads, making them ideal for a wide range of applications including: defense, homeland security, critical commercial and industrial areas protection.

“We are proud to introduce the new Pan Tilt Tracking Platform developed by UAVOS destined to a wide range of standard and special applications, for unmanned and manned platforms, in industrial, automotive, aerospace, scientific as well as in security environment. The unit has advanced features such as continuous rotation, built-in Ethernet, CAN, RS485/422 interface, support CANopen protocol and EtherCAT technology, absolute position support, position velocity feedback, slow and high speed precision control, different sets of end-to-end signals from base to payload, including optical channels for many specific applications”, – comments Aliaksei Stratsilatau, CEO and Lead Developer at UAVOS.

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