A New Drone LiDAR Surveying Distributor: Microdrones Welcomes Geozona!

GEOZONA, a fast-growing Bulgarian company offering geospatial data solutions, precise positioning instruments, and geodetic measuring products is adding drone surveying equipment from Microdrones to their portfolio. The demand for drone LiDAR solutions in surveying, construction, urban planning, and other applications is growing rapidly and the Microdrones integrated LiDAR solutions, like the mdLiDAR1000 aaS and mdLiDAR3000 aaS, will enable Geozona to supply their customers with the
latest in drone LiDAR surveying equipment.

Geozona will now offer Microdrones Integrated Systems that come with everything a commercial user needs to get started using drones for surveying and mapping – the UAV, the sensors, and the software and hardware. Geozona serves customers throughout Eastern Europe and Eastern Africa, providing an extremely high level of service for the latest geospatial technology on the market.

“Microdrones has been on our watchlist for a while,” says Peter Balkanski, Managing Director of Geozona. “When customers are looking for professional mapping tools the Microdrones brand has always been the first choice due to their high-quality hardware, advanced features, and modern
software. With excellent LiDAR solutions and the recently announced Microdrones as a Service sales model, we know we found the right partner. Now with Microdrones products in our portfolio, we can offer comprehensive drone surveying solutions to our customers.”

“We are excited to welcome GEOZONA as a new distributor of Microdrones products because they are driven by customer satisfaction, rather than a need to sell product by sales segment or targets,” says Hanno Truter, the Microdrones sales representative for Africa. “They are able to recognize their customers’ requirements in both budget and technical qualities, which enables them to provide cost-effective solutions with Microdrones as a Service. We look forward to helping their customers achieve maximum productivity and to be a part of their success.”

GEOZONA provides measurement and modeling solutions for engineers and scientists. They offer products and services in Geomatics – land surveying, infrastructure, building, construction, and mapping

For more information visit https://www.geo-zona.com/.

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