Astra UTM to implement initial UTM services with Fintraffic Air Navigation Services

Astra UTM is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Fintraffic Air Navigation Services to implement the initial UTM-centric services in Finland. Astra UTM will be delivering the Situational
Awareness and Briefing Facility systems for Fintraffic ANS’s Digital Business Platform which is a collaborative initiative under Traffic Management Company Fintraffic Ltd.

According to Pasi Nikama Senior Vice President, CMO & CCO of Fintraffic ANS “Advanced new digital services will contribute to the growth of the traffic ecosystems and will support new business to serve current and future market trends in the transportation sector in Finland. A defined set of federated services and associated functions will enable and support safe and efficient multiple simultaneous traffic operations – first focusing on manned air traffic, followed by unmanned air traffic and sea and land.”

The Situational Awareness module will allow for real-time map based status of the use of airspace for all airspace users. Additionally, users will be able to access usage history and planned airspace activity in the future. The Briefing Facility service will aim for a better user experience by taking advantage of the SA and new services such as a flight plan acknowledgment and reminder service for the pilot, a storage and retrieval service for previous flight plans, and various equipment registries. These functions will be there to serve both manned and unmanned air traffic.

According to Ayhan Kamil, Chief Commercial Officer of Astra UTM “ The Situational Awareness and Briefing Facility systems, will not only cater to unmanned activities but also for VFR flight planning and manned aviation services, making this project truly unique and a showcase of how ATM and UTM will eventually come together.”

About Fintraffic ANS
Fintraffic facilitates mobility on the land, in the air and at sea. We help people and goods get where they are going, safely and smoothly while caring for the environment. Smart traffic management services, digital services for consumers and businesses, and real-time traffic data are helping Finland become a pioneer in sustainable transport and logistics. We employ 1,100 professionals. 

Fintraffic ANS provides the en-route services as well as aerodrome control services and approach control services for 22 airports in Finland. En-route services include area control services in Finland, airspace management, aeronautical search and rescue and air traffic flow management. Company is also responsible for providing air navigation technological services.

About Astra UTM
Astra UTM is a world leading UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) system with multiple national deployments. The Astra platform provides the next generation of modular cloud-based, scalable UTM-as-a-Solution enabling ANSP’s and Enterprise to facilitate the needs of the drone services industry.
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