Nearthlab Enters Taiwanese Offshore Wind Turbine Market With Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Nearthlab, an autonomous drone solution provider for wind turbine inspection, announced today that the company successfully completed an offshore wind turbine inspection off the coast of Taiwan in partnership with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Formosa I Wind Power Ltd.

The turbines inspected in Taiwan are 6MW-class turbines with blades reaching over 75 meters. While onshore blades typically measure around 50 meters, offshore wind turbines utilize longer, larger blades to maximize operational efficiency. Offshore wind turbines are harder to inspect and repair as they have lower accessibility compared to onshore wind turbines. Drone inspection has become a favorable option for farm owners and operators, and more so for those located in the offshore sites.

Nearthlab has been accelerating its market expansion overseas beginning from the first quarter of 2020 in partnership with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy North America. Nearthlab’s all-in-one solution includes Nearthlab’s autonomous drone, its data management platform, and a pilot training program. Nearthlab’s data management platform, Zoomable, offers a high level of compatibility with other asset management platforms. Based on this flexibility, Nearthlab offers an inspection solution optimized for the client’s workflow.

Nearthlab is expanding the scope of its partnership with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy beginning with onshore wind turbine inspections in North America. Nearthlab has successfully demonstrated its capability to conduct offshore wind turbine inspections with autonomous drone technology in Taiwan. Nearthlab is also providing its all-in-one inspection solution to North America, Europe, and Japan.

About Nearthlab

Founded in 2015, Nearthlab provides AI-powered O&M solutions for the infrastructure inspection market. Nearthlab combines AI and computer vision to solve inefficiencies at inspection sites and facilitate the digital transformation of industrial asset management. With extensive experience in wind turbine blade inspection, Nearthlab’s autonomous drone takes fifteen minutes of flight time to finish the inspection for one wind turbine. Data collected from the inspection is uploaded onto Nearthlab’s data management platform, Zoomable, to be analyzed into valuable insights assisting companies to optimize their operation and maintenance procedure. Nearthlab’s portfolio spans over wind energy, oil and gas, railway, bridges, dams, and telecom towers. Leading energy corporations have selected Nearthlab as their autonomous drone solution provider. Make inspection easy with drone driven data.

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