Union Robotics Gains Approval From FAA On Steps Towards Type Certification

Union Robotics, the American made dielectric industrial drone manufacturer, has gained acceptance from the FAA towards a Durability & Reliability-based Type Certification.

The type certification for the Union Robotics Meadowhawk is set forth in issue documents, which establishes the means of compliance. The FAA has accepted Union Robotics means of compliance that have been established as a part of a Durability and Reliability-based Type Certification.

To be eligible for a type certificate, the FAA must find that Union Robotics’ type design complies with the certification basis. In addition, the FAA must determine that no feature or characteristic of the aircraft makes it unsafe for the category in which it is certified for operation. Union Robotics has officially applied and is working towards obtaining a FAA Type Certification, a FAA Production Certification, and a FAA Part 135 Operating Certification.

“Union Robotics holds safety as a top priority, ensuring our products meet and are approved by the FAA guidelines is just one important step we take to provide our customers a safe and reliable product,” stated Ezekiel Bierschank, President of Union Robotics. “With FAA certifications in place, our customers will be able to use our product with minimal regulatory hurdles and benefit from the knowledge that our aircraft meet the safety guideline standards of the FAA”

About Union Robotics
Union Robotics is a user-centric company that values customer needs and safety first. As a manufacturer of American made dielectric unmanned robotics, we provide customers access to critical data without risking safety or security around high voltage assets. Union Robotics engagement in advancing the field of industrial drone production is parallel by an equal commitment to ensuring the safety of our operators and the public.

To learn more, visit union-robotics.com, or call 1-888-864-6680.

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