Bell’s Autonomous Pod Transport Carries 110 lbs. of Payload

On Dec. 9, the Autonomous Pod Transport flew with 110 lbs. of payload over an 8-mile route at Bell’s testing site near Fort Worth, Texas. To date, the APT flight test program has completed over 300 flights. In 2021, APT will demonstrate several military and commercial operations while simplifying user interfaces and enhancing the aircraft’s autonomous features.

“The APT flight test team continues to push the capabilities of our aircraft, and we are excited to hit this milestone,” said John Wittmaak, program manager, UAS. “This is yet another example of how Bell continues to adapt to customer needs.”

Bell’s APT 70 can transport military goods from base to base or integrate seamlessly into business operations. Customers can carry up to 36 MREs, 72 water bottles, 64 magazines of 5.56 ammunition and a gallon of fuel using this flying vehicle. Developed by our talented, innovative teams, APT delivers mobility without the cost, footprint or specialized training.

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