RIEGL announces expansion with new RIEGL office in UK

With the new office in York, England, RIEGL will now provide direct representation throughout the UK and Ireland, offering full support to its existing RIEGL customers and access to the full range of RIEGL products to new clients.

RIEGL UK Ltd will have a primary focus on the Terrestrial and UAV sectors, whilst providing initial point of contact for airborne and mobile products into various industries in the market. Working together with the headquarters in Austria, RIEGL UK will ensure all customers have the level of support to match the quality of technology that RIEGL offers.

The new RIEGL UK office is helmed by David Foster, who serves as the managing director of the organization, alongside Bernhard Kurzbauer, Commercial Director.

Mr. Foster (BSc, CScFS) is well known and well recognized and experienced in the field of laser scanning having been an active user of RIEGL laser scanners since 2012. He specialized in and provides exceptional ongoing support to the large and growing Public Safety and Forensic Investigations field since late 2016 before stepping into his new position.
Mr. Kurzbauer is supporting the expansion of RIEGL worldwide and has a strong background in finance, legal and controlling.

“The laser scanning market in this region has grown from strength to strength in recent years. With a highly respected and extremely professional Forensic Investigations sector, including a large number of Forensic Collision Investigations Units across the country, it made perfect sense to be able to support this sector directly. Additionally, there has been a large increase in research of earth sciences, carbon capture and other green applications drawing on RIEGL’s unique waveform capabilities across all products, with a great many educational establishments utilizing RIEGL products. And of course, not forgetting the growth in infrastructure development and construction, spatial data consumption has never been greater. The surveying and mapping markets are well matured and spatial professionals know the benefits of investing in high quality and reliable instrumentation with local support. It is for these key reasons that RIEGL UK has been founded, and why I believe our team and RIEGL UK will be a strong success” stated Dave Foster, RIEGL UK’s Managing Director.

“We are very excited to further increase our dedicated RIEGL presence by opening our new office in the UK. The UK is uniquely placed within the RIEGL family, having a large number of Public Safety clients, particularly Crash Investigation teams and a growing number of customers both in research, surveying and engineering. I offer congratulations and all the best to Dave Foster for his new responsibility and for growing RIEGL in the UK and Ireland to new levels” commented Johannes Riegl Jr, President of RIEGL International, the RIEGL division responsible for worldwide expansion of the RIEGL group.

The new subsidiary is joining the existing network of RIEGL offices in Austria (Headquarters), the United States, Japan, China, Australia, and Canada as well as numerous worldwide distributors.

York Science Park IT Centre, Innovation Way, Heslington

RIEGL UK can be contacted via webpage www.riegl.co.uk

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