Flirtey Partners with Vault Health for Drone Delivery of COVID-19 Test Kits

Flirtey, the pioneer of the commercial drone delivery industry, and Vault Health, the pioneer of supervised COVID-19 testing, today announced a partnership to test drone delivery of the first FDA authorized saliva test for COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to spread, with more than 250,000 deaths and more than 11,000,000 cases in the United States, according to the CDC. Vault Health distributes a COVID-19 saliva test kit that can be used at home under supervision from a health professional through video call. Using Flirtey’s drones to deliver the test kits to homes will eliminate exposure risks and create further convenience, especially for those who do not live in proximity to on-site testing locations.

The Vault Health COVID-19 Test Kits have been added to Flirtey’s existing drone delivery test program underway in the Reno, NV area. Through the partnership, which will begin immediately, Vault Health will send kits to distribution centers based on historical market demand data. When a customer places an order, a Flirtey drone will deliver the COVID-19 test kit to the customer’s home on-demand.

“Our mission is to save lives and improve lifestyles by making delivery instant for everyone. Partnering with Vault Health for Flirtey drone delivery of COVID-19 test kits is another huge step toward our mission. Drone delivery of COVID-19 test kits is faster than traditional mail, enabling faster results for the customer and reducing the time where a person may have the potential to spread COVID-19 by 24-48 hours,” said Flirtey Founder and CEO Matthew Sweeny.

“We feel an obligation as a team to help expand COVID-19 testing across America with continued innovation. Our shipping and result turnaround time is already fast, but working with Flirtey to make on-demand drone delivery of COVID-19 saliva test kits available will make it faster than ever. We will help everyone worrying about their infection status find their answer,” said Jason Feldman, Founder and CEO of Vault Health.

About Flirtey:
Flirtey is an aerospace technology company that provides full-stack drone delivery technology solutions. Flirtey is the pioneer of the commercial drone delivery industry, with a mission to save lives and improve lifestyles by making delivery instant for everyone. The company first made history in 2015 when it conducted the first ever FAA-approved drone delivery. In the years that followed, Flirtey has gone on to become the first company to perform an autonomous drone delivery to a home, the first company to perform a commercial drone delivery, and the first company to pioneer AED drone delivery in the U.S. Flirtey has worked alongside NASA, the City of Reno, Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, emergency medical services provider REMSA, and various commercial partners to create the fastest, most efficient and customer-centric logistics technology in the world.

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About Vault:
Vault Health is a performance healthcare technology platform designed to help men through specialized in-home treatments for better health. Vault helps men overcome shortcomings in existing healthcare offerings through extensive education, professional medical evaluation, and personalized treatment. At the onset of COVID-19, Vault Health shifted focus and joined in the effort to address the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate testing with the first FDA-authorized saliva test for men, women, and children.

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