UKRSPECSYSTEMS Releases New UAV Bungee Catapult Launcher

UAVs are vital for inspection and reconnaissance, so the launching procedure is of great importance. But in challenging conditions, sometimes it’s rather difficult to launch the drone from the runway. And that’s when
bungee catapult launcher SCL-1A is a perfect solution.

Bungee catapult launcher SCL-1A is made to launch UAVs with maximum take-off weight up to 10 kg at a speed of 25 m/s (90 km/h). It also has the ability to launch unmanned aerial vehicles under various weather
conditions and in the temperature range from -15° to +40°C.

The bungee UAV catapult works autonomously and is powered by a lead-acid battery. The number of launches depends on the capacity of the battery, charge level, and the environmental temperature, securing
up to 9 launches at complete battery charge. Also, the power supply using the car accumulator is manageable.

Launch control is executed by the remote wire control panel up to 100 m long. The tension can be modified in automatic and manual modes and being tracked by the indicator of the electronic dynamometer.

And one more thing: bungee UAV launcher SCL-1A may be assembled by two persons within a time frame of 15 minutes.

UKRSPECSYSTEMS offers a complete instructional course, including theoretical and practical training to control the bungee UAV launching system for its clients.

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