Doosan Mobility Innovation’s Hydrogen Tank Receives Department of Transportation Approval

Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) is proud to announce their hydrogen cylinder tank, expertly created for their hydrogen powered drone solution, has received approval from the United States Department of Transportation (DoT). This achievement makes DMI one of the first companies to receive such approval from the U.S. DoT.

This authorization also marks the third official certification for DMI. DMI has previously received approval from the Korean Gas Safety (KGS, the Korean standard) and Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED, the European standard) and is currently in the process of obtaining approval from Standards Australia.

With approval from the DoT, DMI is now able to establish a nationwide hydrogen distribution network for their hydrogen fuel cell powered drone solution in the United States. For this they have partnered with ReadyH2, a company out of Plano, Texas that specializes in compressed hydrogen gas distribution networks and provides superior hydrogen solutions. ReadyH2 is currently a premier partner for DMI customers and dealers.

DMI has partnered with ILJIN Composites Co., Ltd to manufacture the hydrogen cylinders for their hydrogen powered drone. ILJIN is the leader of high-tech composite material products and provides Hyundai Motors with hydrogen cylinders created with the same technology as DMI’s hydrogen cylinder. With this technology, customers are provided peace of mind knowing the tanks were crafted with best-in-class safety measures. All cylinders have passed numerous safety tests conducted by an authorized testing agency. These tests include but are not limited to pressurized tests, fire tests and even gunshot penetrations tests.

Doosoon Lee, CEO of Doosan Mobility Innovation, stated, “This will be on of the most significant footmarks, which can unlock the door entering into hydrogen mobility industries, since it enables hydrogen fueled products like DMI’s drones to be widely used in the world”.

According to Brendon Mills, CEO of ReadyH2, “We are thrilled for DMI and are ready to roll out the next phase of our hydrogen gas distribution network. I foresee great adventures ahead for both DMI and ReadyH2”.

DMI’s drone, powered by hydrogen fuel cells, is transforming the way the industry thinks about drone solutions. With a long endurance flight time of over two hours and eco-friendly system, their solution has endless applications including inspection, search and rescue, mining and construction, agriculture, logistics, aid delivery and numerous others.

To learn more about DMI’s drone technology, hydrogen cylinders, or how fuel cells work, please visit the Doosan Mobility Innovation website.

To learn more about the hydrogen distribution process or how DMI customers can order new hydrogen tanks, please visit the ReadyH2 website or reach out directly by calling (833) 952-0903.

About Doosan Mobility Innovation

Doosan’s fuel cell business is an exciting future growth engine and focuses on the mobile applications of fuel cell technology. Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI) is a 100% invested company by Doosan Corporation, a global company with 16.5 billion dollars in revenue. With build-safe systems and reliability customers can trust, DMI is heavily investing in UAV applications (both hardware and software) that are quickly accelerating the growth of long-endurance flight and the growth of the UAV industry.

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