Fortress UAV Announces New Services for OEMs, Enterprises and Public Safety Agencies

Fortress UAV, the leader in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) repair and maintenance services based in Plano, Texas, is excited to announce a new series of services designed for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), Enterprises and Public Safety Agencies. New services include: UAS Logistics, Field Services, and Technical Support. These services compliment the successful national drone repair and maintenance business model that Fortress UAV launched in 2017. Fortress UAV’s new services are intended to serve the critical needs of OEMs, enterprises and public safety agencies using drones and/or drone fleets in their everyday situations.

UAS Logistic Services

Fortress UAV Logistic Services provide customers peace of mind knowing their UAS assets are safely and securely navigating from point A to point B with their skilled forward logistics, drone distribution and fleet management services. Fortress UAV provides the ability to centralize and easily track drone fleet assets and with detailed reporting, customers receive full transparency into their network.

These services include the safe logistical transport of lithium-ion batteries, compressed hydrogen gas, and other hazardous materials associated with drone technology. Fortress UAV can provide 4-hour delivery or next business day delivery in the U.S. and 65 countries worldwide.

UAS Field Services

Fortress UAV Field Services provide customers with a right-hand man in the field. Fortress UAV comes equipped with decades of experience allowing for expert management and optimization for any drone-related mission. From start to finish, from field installation of drone sentry towers to field upgrades and replaceable drones, they bring the expert resources and technology needed to complete any on-site mission.

UAS Technical Support

Fortress UAV Technical Support Services rely on the heart of Fortress UAV – repair and maintenance. They proudly know the intricacies of drone technology, establishing Fortress UAV as the premier partner for best-in-class tech support. Don’t let a grounded system keep your project flatlined and delayed. Fortress UAV’s team of U.S.-based drone support technicians can enable an OEM to stand-up new services quickly to serve their drone customer base.

Fortress UAV provides fully customizable solutions to fit any customer’s needs, big or small. With options for 24x7x365 support, full transparency and detailed reporting, Fortress UAV makes UAS logistics, field services and technical support easy.

According to Brendon Mills, CEO of Fortress UAV, “The drone market is on the precipice of a dramatic expansion as the technology and regulatory environment for drones and ancillary technology improves and converges. Fortress UAV is the only company in the drone market dedicated to offering outsources operational drone services to the marketplace. As the market takes-off, Fortress UAV is providing these key services to help scape-up the market.”

To see how Fortress UAV can best partner with your needs, please contact Fortress UAV or reach out immediately by calling (844) 851-2184.


Fortress UAV is a subsidiary of Fortress Solutions and supports outsourced drone services for OEMs, enterprises & public safety agencies. Fortress UAV is the largest and most comprehensive partner for operational drone services in North America and supports logistics, tech-support and drone technology RMA services to over 65 countries worldwide.

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