Precision Technologies And Embention The Perfect Symbiosis

In the market of the UAVs, the professional drones and components for aerial unmanned vehicles, exhaustive market research either national or internationally is essential to get success.

In Embention, our expansionist policy and a continuously growing trajectory have taken us to look for new partners all over the world, being all of them the reference in their respective markets and sphere of action.

Our activity abroad is thoroughly studied by our department of International Relationships, who analyze every single potential market for our products and not only decides which one is potentially interesting but also finds and selects the best partners and negotiate the best business conditions for both parties.

“In Embention we know well that this kind of partnership creates a strong professional commitment where both companies join forces to achieve a common objective and mutually benefit themselves, reinforcing step by step the trust to each other” said Javier Espuch, Business Development Manager.

In this sense, we are so proud of these 2 years of hard work with the Singaporean engineering consultant Precision Technologies, who besides having a huge commercial and technical experience, possess an enormous presence and reputation not only in Singapore but also in the whole Asian continent.

Countries like Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and the Philippines, form its main activity cores and of business development, where they offer a high-quality service in the sectors of the technology and innovation, including the military and aerospace ones.

Nowadays and thank to Pretech, Embention benefits of a great presence in the Asian market, not only for its line of Veronte professional autopilot systems but also for all its UAV platforms and rest of the products, being able at the same time to provide to its customer’s high-quality technical support in all the levels, and close and supportive contact.

Today Pretech is for us, beyond any doubt, the cornerstone of Embention in the military, aerospace, communications, security, scientific, marine, and electronic sectors in the Asian and Pacific markets.

Thank you so much Pretech for trusting us.

About Embention

Embention develops autopilots and critical components for drones and UAM having installed Veronte Autopilot in more than 500 drone projects and accumulating more than 100 000 hours in operation.

Embention, with 60 employees, is a worldwide reference in the unmanned aircraft industry, applying state-of-the-art and military technologies in the drone sector for Enabling Drones to Populate Our Skies.

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About Precision Technologies

Precision Technologies is a leading sales, integration and technical support company providing high-performance products & solutions to the Military, Aerospace, Communications, Security, Scientific, Marine, Transportation and Electronics industries.

They provide their customers with products and services of superior value at competitive prices while delivering sustainable growth and prosperity to their Suppliers, Stakeholders and Employees.

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