Bees360 Releases Its All-In-One Mobile Platform BeesPilot App

Bees360, the leader of redefining the new industry standards for property claim and underwriting inspections, today released its mobile platform BeesPilot™ app to offer an all-in-one solution to increase their drone pilot’s operational efficiency in the field.

Bees360 pilots now can just use BeesPilot™ app to fly the drone autonomously or manually to capture roof images, take exterior photos from the ground level using a mobile device’s camera and conduct onsite interviews with homeowners, while capturing interior photos. All operational activities on the property location can be completed via one single app.

“Our goal is to equip our pilots with an extremely user friendly and powerful tool to increase their efficiency in the field. The higher efficiency they achieve and the greater quality of images they collect, the faster turnaround time and the better quality of inspection reports we can deliver to the Carriers,” says Corey Frederick, the Director of Operations at Bees360. “In the roadmap, BeesPilot™ will be integrated with third party applications, such as Hover. It will also be compatible with more types of drones such as the Autel EVO II. A series of online training videos and quizzes will be embedded in this app to test and certify our pilots. We believe the mobile internet is the future and BeesPilot™ will become the “All-In-One” mobile platform for our pilots where they are recruited, vetted, trained, tested, certified, deployed and ranked.”

Bees360 has developed BeesDrone™ and BeesGO™ apps for drone flights and exterior and interior image acquisition, respectively. BeesPilot™ app is an upgrade, which not only consolidates BeesDrone™ and BeesGO™, but also offers a variety of new features such as online training, job assignment notification, onsite support, route optimization, compatibility with more types of drones and third-party applications, etc. This app will become the daily operation tool for all Bees360 pilots. It is free to download on App Store and Google Play.

About Bees360

Bees360 is a leading innovator of deep learning and computer vision technology who focuses on bringing AI and drone solutions to property underwriting and claim inspections. It is founded by data scientists and insurance experts whose collective background in data science, mathematics, property claims & underwriting provide an unparalleled level of knowledge to build AI-powered workflow and a disruptive business model for the conventional insurance industry.

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