Union Robotics Partners with Solex for USA Made Software

United States-based UAV manufacturer Union Robotics and software developer Solex have partnered to provide U.S. made software for unmanned vehicles that is safe and secure for both private commercial enterprise and government use.

The importance of data security has come into sharp focus in the last few years, with the U.S. government’s ban on foreign-made drones for critical infrastructure use and the two bills currently pending before Congress seeking to prohibit any federal agency from purchasing drones and related equipment from any “covered foreign entity” as determined by the Secretary of Commerce.

Because of the widespread use of components from foreign sources, it has become increasingly difficult to find UAVs that are not only manufactured in the U.S., but that also use electronics that are manufactured in the U.S., as well as operate with software that is developed in the U.S. In an effort to provide farther-reaching solutions for both government and private commercial clients seeking to source secure, U.S. made software/hardware, Union Robotics has teamed up with U.S. based software developer, Solex, to offer UAV systems that can offer peace of mind when the question of data security arises.

“Drones must be exemplary when it comes to cybersecurity,” says Union Robotics President Ezekiel Bierschank. “Union Robotics unmanned systems have safeguards that protect sensitive information and make them a secure choice for corporate and government use.”

Solex founder Kelly Schrock explains how his software–developed in the U.S.–prevents the data breaches that are such cause for concern. “The Union Robotics/Solex software explicitly does not share data or report activity to third parties or unauthorized cloud servers, all user information stays with the user. Some foreign-made software has been investigated and proven to send collected data to third-party servers not authorized by the user.

The Union Robotics/Solex data stays secure within the system unless and until the user transfers it elsewhere.”

The U.S. government has already required the use of U.S. made drones for critical infrastructure, but the argument is just as strong for private entities to follow suit, in order to protect proprietary information and other data-related interests. Union Robotics CTO Jeremy Highhouse believes that the necessity of employing only U.S. made UAVs and software will only become more imperative.

“National data security has never been more important,” Highhouse says. “I’ve been astounded at the willingness of critical infrastructure owners and operators to open themselves up to attack by using aircraft that have been tested and proven to be first-degree security liabilities.

Unauthorized access to data of this critical nature has real consequences for everyone down the line. I believe we will see the need for reducing data security liability grow just as we’ve seen the need to reduce wildfire liability for critical infrastructure owners and operators.”

UAV use is a cost-effective, efficiency-increasing practice for any operation that needs airborne solutions for things like inspection, or new advancements to stay competitive in a new normal that requires social distancing, however secure data has to be part of the solution for it to be enduring. Union Robotics is committed to providing clients with secure unmanned robotic solutions that will drive growth now, and in the future.

Union Robotics is a developer of dielectric, U.S. manufactured UAVs for corporate and private clients and a source of experienced leadership in the field of secure drone technology.

To learn more, call 1.888.864.6680 or contact Union Robotics at info@union-robotics.com

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