Microdrones Welcomes MODUS as a new Distributor and Government Sales Specialist

MODUS, (Mapping Operations and Data Unmanned Solutions) a logistic automation and geo-spatial intelligence innovation company, joined the network of distributors for Microdrones in the US Southwest Region and as a US government sales specialist. They offer solutions to reduce the cost of transporting sensors and cargo while providing business growth opportunities with increased business intelligence.

MODUS is also a premier drone LiDAR and mapping solutions company now offering Microdrones Integrated Systems – complete mapping solutions composed of Survey Equipment and Data Processing modules fully adapted to that Survey Equipment. It includes the drone, the payload, and Microdrones proprietary mdCockpit mission planning and control software.

“The Microdrones product line, streamlined workflows, and interchangeable sensors will dramatically simplify our enterprise drone fleet management and fieldwork standardization,” says Dan Hubert, CEO, and Founder of Modus. “Our customers won’t have to guess which drone, sensor, or processing software they need. Microdrone takes care of this in one neat, business-friendly package.”

Over the past 5 years, MODUS has partnered with government agencies, research institutions, and leading manufactures to test and verify the accuracy and market viability of many of the UAV systems on the market today. Their research is helping the government and large companies to build standards and develop contracts with small businesses to take advantage of the current drone mapping technology.

“Our specialty is working with traditional AEC and Engineering companies with little-to-no drone or GIS experience and helping them adopt digital drone data decisional processes,” said Hubert. “We are unique that we have over 12 top-level Geospatial data scientists and instructors, all with over 20 years’ experience working at the national level, who understand drones, data science, and remote sensing technologies and how to commercialize them.”

Aaron Beach, the Northwest regional manager for Microdrones, helped facilitate the partnership between the two companies. “We have a great opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship between MODUS and Microdrones,” Beach explains. “Their staff has the experience and know-how to help clients identify business opportunities and smartly integrate drones into existing enterprise workflows.

Hubert adds, “We can remove the frustration and guess-work they’ve experienced with other drone manufacturers by offering a fully integrated UAV mapping system. Especially, now that Microdrones offers affordable renting and leasing programs. This means we can enable new customers to leverage the drone technology to scale their business while efficiently managing their cashflow.”


MODUS products help clients learn how to integrate drone technology and increase return on investment. To achieve this, MODUS fuses its expertise in drones, geo-spatial sensors, business analysis, digital workflow design, geographic information visualization, and learning systems into a cohesive product. MODUS is the world’s most customer-centric company, where businesses can affordably collect, analyze, and execute smart scaleable business decisions to solve challenging problems. They are committed to increasing a user’s awareness of sustainability, community, correlation, coordination, and positive change.

Modus teams include UAS experts, battlefield proven remote pilots, certified flight instructors, UAS system engineers, business analysts, Industrial engineers, and aviation program management professionals.

For more information visit https://www.modus-ai.com/

About Microdrones

Microdrones grew out of the collaboration between the German inventor of the world’s first commercial quadcopter and a determined surveying payload and software developer in North America. The result is a global aerial mapping technology company that delivers complete and reliable mapping systems specifically developed for the surveying, mining, construction, oil & gas and precision agriculture industries.

Microdrones Integrated Systems are industrial tools addressing specific complex mapping challenges for professional customers, relying on a fully integrated geospatial workflow that enables cutting-edge software technology from Microdrones to transform raw data collected in the field by Microdrones survey equipment into valuable high-quality survey-grade data. Microdrones is widely recognized for its LiDAR technology leadership.

Microdrones has engineering centers and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Canada, France, China and the United States, as well as a sales, support and distribution network spanning six continents.

Microdrones serves markets around the globe. To learn more about Microdrones, visit www.microdrones.com.

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