India Embraces BVLOS Flights Together With Unifly

Unifly shares its expertise during the future BVLOS trials supported by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India. The goal is to help define India’s regulatory framework for UAVs. Led by AutoMicroUAS, a leading Indian drone manufacturer, a number of BVLOS test flights will be performed over the course of the following months to collect as much data as possible to make routine UAV deployment on a large scale possible in the future.

India wants to take drone traffic to the next level with a series of BVLOS flights that will focus on multiple real-life scenarios reflecting the country’s biggest drone opportunities. These main areas are the agricultural business, healthcare and law enforcement.

The Indian government provides multiple locations for 100 hours’ worth of BVLOS scenarios to several consortia. This consortium will focus on conducting drone-spraying operations for agricultural purposes , windmill surveillance operations, and medicine delivery, the last in a semi-urban environment . These trials are to exploring the vast agricultural and healthcare purposes of drones , identified by the Indian government as some of the biggest priorities concerning BVLOS flights.

Unifly BLIP
The tests will be performed in remote areas, beyond the normal ground control coverage. Unifly’s BLIP will enable safe BVLOS drone flights thanks to its real-time tracking and in combination with the Unifly Data Collector. The BLIP is an autonomous weather-proof tracker that functions independently from the drone itself as a stand-alone digital blackbox. This allows the drone operators to follow their drones during all circumstances in real-time.

The Unifly Data Collector translates the data given by the BLIP and forwards it in real-time to multiple UTM systems, the Unifly UTM as well as in this case to Avianco, the Indian UTM provider during these trials. Both the Unifly Blip as well as the Data Collector are crucial for a functional BVLOS ecosystem in the future.

About Unifly

Based in Belgium, Unifly is the global leader in the field of Unmanned Traffic Management. The Unifly platform connects authorities with pilots to safely integrate drones into the airspace. Authorities can visualize and approve drone flights and manage no-fly zones in real-time. Drone operators can manage their drone fleet, validate flights and monitor their drone operations. Unifly combines UTM and drone detection (C-UAS) capabilities to detect, identify and differentiate all air traffic within airports and critical infrastructures.

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