UAS Detection, Identification, and 3D Location Reporting Applied Technology Associates (ATA) Introduces LTATS

Applied Technology Associates (ATA) introduces its LOCUST Target Acquisition and Tracking System (LTATS) which is a high-performance detection, tracking, identification, aimpoint designation, and cueing capability for the counter-UAS mission. LTATS also has direct applicability to support additional missions including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), counter-ISR, counter-cruise missile, and counter-rocket, artillery, and mortar (RAM). LTATS is comprised of electro-optical, infrared (EO/IR) and radio frequency sensor systems built on a modular, open-systems architecture leveraging high technology readiness level (TRL) commercial products and sensors. LTATS is ATA’s non-defeat counterpart to the LOCUST counter-UAS laser weapon system which was introduced last fall and successfully engaged and defeated drones during the Air Force and Army test events at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

LTATS utilizes the unique benefits of laser weapon pointing and tracking that ATA has evolved and perfected over several decades. These benefits include wide-to-narrow field of view (FOV) EO/IR with zoom for detection and tracking in difficult cluttered backgrounds, narrow FOV EO/IR with passive and active illumination high bandwidth stabilized tracking for precision aimpoint designation and positive visual identification and laser ranging. In addition, LTATS provides passive and active radio frequency
sensors for initial detection and track handover.

“LTATS (today in use by the U.S. Army) leverages capabilities that have matured through years of ATA supporting laser weapon programs, making this a highly anticipated and exciting launch for us,” said Larry Lloyd, ATA vice president. “LTATS was developed specifically to address the challenges
associated with the detection and tracking of UAS and other threats.”

ATA is a leading-edge provider of precision pointing and tracking, line-of-sight stabilization solutions and products for laser communications, laser weapon systems, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and space domain awareness applications to customers worldwide.

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