Maverick Drone Systems Joins the Distribution Network for Microdrones

Maverick Drone Systems, a leading distributor of innovative drone systems based in Savage Minnesota, has announced they are now offering Microdrones integrated systems as part of their sales products.  Becoming a distributor allows Maverick Drone Systems to provide advanced Microdrones solutions that encompass all necessary components for enterprise operations.

Adam Shaw, CEO & President of Maverick Drone Systems, is excited by the opportunity to partner with Microdrones. “We’ve found that Microdrones offers an all-in-one solution that simplifies the process of using a drone for complex surveying work,” said Shaw. “The software itself is also very easy to use and processes data quickly. Customers, such as engineers and surveyors, are not looking for a hobby-grade solution offered by other companies. So, the ability to make an affordable purchase or utilize the lease program through Microdrones as a Service is very attractive.”

Microdrones as a Service (mdaaS) provides drone surveying options for everyone with convenient pricing and rental options. Aaron Beach, the northwest regional manager for Microdrones agrees that mdaaS is a great fit for Maverick Drone Systems. “We’re making it easier and more affordable to start using our systems based on usage and anticipated demand,” explains Beach.  “mdaaS allows dealers like Maverick to lower the cost of entry to advanced UAV surveying equipment.”

Maverick Drone technology solutions advance business opportunities by creating better ways to navigate the sky, survey land areas, and analyze data. They provide end-to-end support from a knowledgeable and personable team. Whether you are a professional drone pilot or new to unmanned technology, they specialize in meeting their customer’s needs at any step of their operation.

Coming soon, Maverick Drone Systems will be moving into a new enterprise retail location with an expanded inventory of unmanned systems including UAV surveying equipment from Microdrones.

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