HELIGUY Specialist Drone Surveying Course Launched

A new specialist drone surveying course has been launched to help professionals conduct more accurate and consistent drone surveys.

Drone expert HELIGUY.com has partnered with drone survey training provider, Pieter Franken, of Drone Survey School, to host the Drone Survey Fundamentals training course.

Surveying drones have become a key commercial tool – helping capture accurate data quickly, safely and cheaply for improved decision-making, maximum return on investments, and to obtain vital insights.

This three-day training course will provide you with the theoretical background knowledge required to carry out accurate drone surveys and how drone technology can be best utilized for aerial mapping missions. It is aimed at anyone who is already, or has plans to, perform aerial drone surveys.

To find out more and to book a place on the course – taking place at Shrigley Hall, just outside Manchester, UK, from September 15 to September 17, 2020, – click here.

What Will You Learn On The Drone Mapping Course?

Drone Survey Fundamentals is a short but intense training course to teach the methods of conducting an accurate drone survey.

In addition, participants will learn how to use the data to generate valuable business insights, and how to avoid making costly beginners’ mistakes.
The course will focus on the fundamental principles of drone surveying, such as photogrammetry, LiDAR, GPS, geomatics. It will culminate in an exam.

The course will consist of the following elements:
● The key to accuracy when surveying with a drone.
● Reducing positional errors – PPK and RTK.
● Photogrammetry and LiDAR tutorials.
● Drone survey data – what you’ll collect and how to use it for maximum value.
● Guidance on when drone surveys will significantly outperform other methodologies.
● Data processing tips and tricks that give you consistently accurate drone surveys – saving you time and money.

Learn From A Drone Surveying Expert

Pieter Franken, of Drone Survey School – and HELIGUY.com partner – will deliver the drone surveying course.

He said: “This course will cover the theoretical background you need to know to be an aerial surveyor. It will save you valuable time in not making beginner mistakes and having to redo

“In addition, it will prevent you from disappointing your clients as you’ll be able to deliver on
what you promised more consistently.”

With a postgraduate degree in GIS, and having worked for surveying companies across the
world, Pieter founded and was the managing director of Terra Drone Europe; one of Europe’s leading drone-based surveying and inspection companies.

He is one of the founding fathers and chairman of the Dutch trade organisation for certified drone operators (DCRO) and sits on the working and expert groups helping the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities with the implementation of new EU drone regulations.

Based in France, Pieter currently runs the Drone Survey School to train non-surveyors in the use of drone survey techniques.

With bases in the UK and US, HELIGUY.com is a leading drone provider, supplying and supporting major companies with their drone surveying missions around the world.

The expert drone training team delivers CAA-approved tuition, including bespoke closed courses for the UK emergency services and major commercial entities.

HELIGUY.com Head of Training, Ben Shirley, said:

“Drones have become a vital piece of equipment in a surveyor’s tool kit.

“Therefore, we have launched the Drone Survey Fundamentals training course to demonstrate how a drone can transform mapping missions and highlight some of the skills drone surveyors need to know.

“By partnering with Pieter, we have a drone surveying expert leading the course, helping surveyors unlock the true potential of their drones for aerial mapping. HELIGUY.com will offer support after the course, too.”

Drone Survey Fundamentals FAQs

How long is the course?

The residential-style course takes place over three consecutive days, with an examination at the end of the last day. Each day begins at 9am and will finish at 5pm, with a complimentary lunch served on all three days of the course. Precautions will be taken during the course to ensure it is COVID-19 prepped.

The residential nature of the course means that students can take their learning further within a dynamic classroom environment, interacting with the expert course leaders and fellow attendees, giving the chance to ask questions and receive valuable on-demand guidance and support. After a day of learning, relax in the bar and network with our staff and the other course participants.

Will I fly a drone on the course?

The course is mainly classroom training with a small amount of practical training. Please bring any drone surveying questions or problems you have experienced.

Should I bring my own drone?

There is no need to as drones will be provided.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is for people that want to understand the fundamental principles behind surveying with a drone to enable accurate and consistent drone surveys. The course is for anyone who is already, or has plans to, perform aerial surveys with their drone.

How can I best prepare for this course?

Students are encouraged to brush up on some very fundamental mathematical principles prior to joining the course. Items that are assumed to be known are Pythagoras’ theorem as well as calculating in triangles using SIN, COS and TAN.

Is this course the same as the A2 CofC or GVC?

No. This course is designed to improve surveying skill sets. To become a CAA-approved drone pilot to legally operate a drone, complete a separate A2 CofC or GVC course with HELIGUY.com through the online drone training platform, Blackbox.

What does the course price include?

The price (£1,499.99 inc VAT) includes: 160-page Drone Survey Fundamentals Handbook;
AgiSoft Photoscan Workflow Manual; three-day in-person training course; and in-depth support from the HELIGUY.com training team across the three days. The price of the course does not include accommodation, to be booked separately.

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