Horizon Technologies Awarded Important New Patent for its Transformational Xtender SIGINT Technology

Horizon Technologies, a UK-based global provider of airborne Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) products for NATO and Allied governmental end-users, announced today that on July 28, 2020, it was issued a patent (US 10,727,932 B2) by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  This patent covers Horizon Technologies’ fundamental Xtender technology which allows the smallest UAVs and CubeSats to detect, geolocate, and intercept Sat Phone communications, remotely, from a miniature software-defined radio.

It is Horizon Technologies’ 2nd registered patent.  John Beckner, CEO, stated, “This new patent for our transformational Xtender technology represents a key milestone for Horizon Technologies.  Xtender enables the users of even the smallest UAVs to have the same Sat Phone SIGINT capability of larger UAVS and manned aircraft.  Even more importantly, our patented Xtender technology is one of the building blocks of our Amber™ CubeSat constellation and Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) space-based intelligence system.  Our Amber™ CubeSat constellation, will not only have the ability to geolocate L-band emitters like Sat Phones, but actually allow for the real-time demodulation of the signals.  This capability is unique in the emerging field of LEO (Low Earth Orbit) CubeSat-driven SIGINT.”

Beckner also added “We also believe that the issuance of this patent enhances Horizon Technologies’ ability to attract financial and industry strategic partners to help further the company’s continuing profitable growth.” Horizon Technologies is a world leader in airborne satellite phone monitoring systems for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications, equipping governments worldwide by enhancing their Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) capabilities. They are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the FlyingFish™ which is in operation on numerous ISR aircraft worldwide, including NATO and FRONTEX. In 2021, Horizon Technologies, as part of a Public/Private partnership with the UK Government, will be launching the first of their AMBER™ commercial SIGINT CubeSats to provide customers with an enhanced Maritime Intelligence Data Service.

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