GE’s AiRXOS Launches Public Safety UAS Platform, Streamlines Response

 AiRXOS, a leading provider of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) solutions, today announced the commercial availability of a new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) solution for Public Safety agencies. The Public Safety UAS Solution provides a comprehensive, single source platform with safety and operational tools and services built-in, allowing Public Safety agencies to fly quickly and with full Situational Awareness of manned and unmanned operations. 

The solution provides customers simplified processes, practical operational tools and operational oversight in one centralized solution, from digitizing agency workflows – streamlining compliance and flight authorization processes – to providing airspace advisories, video streaming, and full Situational Awareness. The Public Safety UAS solution, available as both a mobile application and web-based solution, helps eliminate the need for multiple applications and labor-intensive flight authorizations, as well as improves airspace visibility and compliance tracking.

“Public Safety represents one of the most challenging use cases for drones. To be effective, they need to deploy the drone as quickly as possible,” states Mark Lanphear, senior vice president, Global Sales and Business Development with AiRXOS. “Public Safety agencies needs an all-inclusive, easy to use solution with three critical ‘must haves’ – one, compliance; two, a full suite of practical, accessible operational tools, and three, full Situational Awareness, so they can command both manned and unmanned airspace whilst delivering critical position and video data to everyone involved in the operation. This new Public Safety UAS Solution removes the time burden through automated processes, reduces risk, and strengthens controls in one, simple solution.”

Public Safety UAS Solution Piloted By More Than 200 US Public Safety Agencies 

AiRXOS began rolling out the Public Safety UAS Solution earlier in the year in a pilot environment and currently has more than 200 US Public Safety agencies using the solution. Users include Los Angeles City Fire Department, Washington State Department of Transportation, and Larimer County, Colorado Sheriff’s Department, representing a cross-section of Public Safety agencies using UAS solutions. From highly urbanized cities, to county and state agencies, UAS is widely recognized as a strategy and a technology assisting Public Safety operations. 

“It is essential that Public Safety UAS Remote Pilots have a complete Preflight Checklist and Airspace Authorization tool to rapidly gain safe and legal access to the National Air Space,” states David Danielson, Firefighter/Paramedic and sUAS Lead Remote Pilot, Los Angeles City Fire Department. “Having access to an efficient and time-saving application that enables our team to get operational – while meeting the necessary Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and risk mitigation process – is the standard to fly safely during emergency incidents.”

“Washington State uses drones in multiple ways, and we continue to see innovative methods being added all the time– airport mapping and obstacle identification is our latest endeavor,” says David Fleckenstein, Director Aviation, Washington State Department of Transportation. “Where we once used what now seems antiquated surveying tools, we can now use aerial mapping at less cost with precision data. If we can do something safely and quicker with a drone that once required putting someone in closer proximity to harm’s way, we not only improve the lives of our public safety personnel but also the members of the public that benefit from the service they provide.” 

AiRXOS’ Public Safety UAS Solution brings together a set of capabilities that reside on AiRXOS’ Air Mobility™ Platform and include: 

Waivers, Exemptions, COAs, SGIs, LAANC: In automating regulatory and policy compliance, the Public Safety UAS Solution helps Public Safety agencies quickly obtain the necessary FAA Waivers, Exemptions, Certificates of Authorizations (COAs), Special Government Interests (SGIs), and Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) approvals needed for controlled and uncontrolled airspace operations. From ConOps definition, location assessment to classify and assess air and ground risk, to allocation of safety plan and requirements to the major systems, the Public Safety UAS Solution can help Public Safety agencies kickstart operations with efficient safety and compliance.

Automated Advisories: A key feature of the Public Safety UAS Solution provides Public Safety agencies with automated airspace advisories, giving agencies, in the palm of their hand, the capability to quickly authenticate users, and then create and distribute airspace advisories from anywhere there is an internet connection, and push out those advisories to media, public and commercial Unmanned Aircraft (UA) operators, and other agencies as needed. 

Integrated Video Streaming and Remote Collaboration: Powered by KSI Data Sciences, Inc., the live video streaming provided in AiRXOS’ Public Safety UAS Solution is an industry leading, highly secure UAS and iOT streaming solution proven and tested to ensure low latency and high definition with instant access needed for time-critical operations. Streaming video and telemetry from UAS, robots, and iOS devices in near real-time gives Public Safety agencies complete Situational Awareness. The ability to add users on the fly into a comprehensive collaborative environment allows agencies to  place more eyes on the scene, providing additional assessment, coordination, and response options for any situation.

Command Center: AiRXOS’ Public Safety Solution equips agencies with full Situational Awareness of all operations regardless of location, for a 360-degree view of manned and unmanned activity, as well as the ability to overlay department critical data layers into one picture. When combined with high definition video streaming from UAS platforms, operators can quickly assess situations remotely and deploy resources faster with increased efficiency.

UAS Program Design: AiRXOS understands that before a drone program can be fully operational, agencies may need help in designing the optimal solution for UAS operations. AiRXOS will bring aviation and UAS expertise to help public safety agencies with all their planning and operational needs no matter which stage you are in your program.

“AiRXOS’ Public Safety UAS Solution is the latest innovation based on our longstanding work with the FAA, Public Safety agencies, and our partner ecosystem,” says Ken Stewart, CEO, AiRXOS. “Public Safety agencies want and need flexible, easy-to-use tools that deliver compliance expertise, broad visibility, and provide enough support to do their job quickly and efficiently – helping reduce costs and risks, and in some instances, help save lives. We deliver on that with the new Public Safety UAS Solution.” 

AiRXOS Ecosystem Supports Public Safety Agencies

In addition to AiRXOS’ own solutions, the company also works with ecosystem partners’ KSI Data Sciences, Inc. and Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) to provide Public Safety agencies with flexible, integrated applications and services. AiRXOS additionally participates as a member of the National Sheriffs’ Association UAS Working Group established earlier this year to create a template that governs law enforcement’s use of UAS.

“AiRXOS provides Public Safety agencies with the kind of secure, comprehensive and yet easy-to use system that they have been looking for” says Jon Gaster, CEO, KSI Data Sciences. “We are delighted to be able to contribute to an outstanding solution from a world-class organization.”

“The new Public Safety UAS solution from AiRXOS is a game-changer for First Responder drone operations,” says Christopher Todd, Executive Director, Airborne International Response Team (AIRT). “Emergency response remote pilots can’t afford to waste time toggling between multiple software applications when lives are on the line. They need a reliable, one-stop solution that can handle the mission at hand.”

“Drones have multiple applications that can be useful to assist Sheriffs’ offices,” states Jonathan Thompson, Executive Director/CEO of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA). “NSA is thrilled to have AiRXOS as a valuable member of our UAS working group, which ensures the safe operation of drones while protecting the privacy rights of our citizens.”

About AiRXOS

AiRXOS, part of GE Aviation, is making a new way of moving possible. From people, to package and medical delivery, inspections, and public safety – we’re taking on the global challenge of the digital drone economy and changing the future of transportation. AiRXOS is digitizing today’s airspace, infusing next generation air traffic management technology and services with world-class aviation expertise and execution, AiRXOS is shaping a new era of transportation through global, commercial Unmanned Aircraft (UA) solutions.

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