Alliance for Drone Innovation Launches Drone Operator Insight Series

Today, the Alliance for Drone Innovation (ADI) (, in coordination with the Drone Operators Federation, is launching the “Drone Operator Insight Series” to highlight America’s growing small business drone economy. Through an ongoing series of blog posts and social media content, the new campaign will highlight the thousands of ways drone pilots are using this new technology for commercial purposes – from inspections to photography – to create job opportunities and support new and existing businesses across the U.S.

The Drone Operator Insight Series will take readers into the world of some of the more than 60,000 commercial drone pilots who are using drones to transform the way services are provided to customers. The campaign will also reflect on how strategic and flexible drone policies and regulations have paved the way for growth and the vital importance of maintaining this approach in the future.

“The Drone Operator Insight Series will provide an important platform for drone pilots to share some of the incredible ways drone technology is providing pathways for innovation,” said ADI Executive Director Jenny Rosenberg. “We are excited to launch this campaign amid our ongoing efforts to advocate for policies that can allow drone technology to flourish in the U.S.”

“Every drone operator offers a unique perspective on the U.S. commercial drone industry and advances in drone technology and policy,” said Dan Burton, CEO and Founder of DroneBase and President of the Drone Operators Federation. “Drone pilots in the DroneBase network have unparalleled experience working in energy, construction, insurance, and real estate. This platform will provide an opportunity for them to share their diverse backgrounds and experience with the drone industry.”
“I’m looking forward to participating in and learning from the Drone Operator Insights Series,” said Michael Cerdeiros of Cerious Productions, a photography and video production company based in Las Vegas. “The series offers a unique platform for me, as a drone pilot navigating a growing industry, to share my experiences and have a voice in the direction of drone policy.”

About the Alliance for Drone Innovation​

ADI is a policy-oriented coalition of manufacturers, suppliers, and software developers of personal and professional drones, as well as the innovative Americans who fly them for recreational, artistic, and business purposes. ADI serves as a knowledgeable partner and resource for policymakers seeking thoughtful solutions to the challenges of unmanned flight. Current ADI members include GoPro, DJI, 3DR Skycatch, Horizon Hobby, Indemnis, Kittyhawk, Fat Shark, Pelican Products, Parrot, Mota, Dronenerds, Drones By Us, DroneBase, DRL, DRA, Fluidity, Lantern UAS, PrecisionHawk, Multicopter Warehouse, xCraft, TriStar Multicopters, and Flyability.

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