IAI Adds Iron Drone Intercepting Drones To Drone Guard

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.  and Iron Drone today announced a collaboration agreement for the integration of interception capabilities into IAI’s advanced anti-drone system Drone Guard. The intercepting drone can be launched day or night from a docking station that hosts several ready-to-use drones. Several intercepting drones can be launched simultaneously to address different targets or swarms.

IAI ELTA Systems, which develops and manufactures Drone Guard anti-drone systems, has sold over 100 units that detect, identify, and disrupt the operation of malicious drones. ELTA’s collaboration with Iron Drone is part of its strategy to collaborate with startups to leverage their innovative technologies for their existing systems to improve performance. ELTA is a global leader in remote sensing and RADAR systems. Its product portfolio includes mission aircraft, national cybersecurity administration, ground robotic systems, anti-drone systems, homeland defense systems, and more.

IAI ELTA Land Systems Division general manager Zvi Yarom said, “The collaboration agreement and the integration of interception capabilities in IAI’s Drone Guard create a specialized solution for a broad range of threats. Drone Guard represents Elta’s extensive know-how and experience in radars, intelligence, and AI combined with Iron Drone’s unique kinetic interception solution. The integration has been tried, proven, and demonstrated in several pilots and is now being marketed to customers. Drone Guard is one in a full suite of solutions offered by ELTA’s Land Systems facility under construction in Beer Sheba at an investment of over NIS 100 million. It will help IAI build innovative technological infrastructures and implement R&D for novel land applications.”

Iron Drone CEO Matan Melamed said, “The strategic collaboration with IAI’s ELTA Systems is a significant milestone for Iron Drone. The combination of Drone Guard’s advanced capabilities with Iron Drone’s steering and homing excellence result in a significant business and technological venture.”

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