SBG Systems Unveils Upgraded Ellipse Series Inertial Sensors

We are thrilled to announce the renewal of our Ellipse Series. This 3rd generation embeds a 64-bit architecture allowing high precision signal processing. INS/GNSS now offer unmatched accuracy with RTK as standard, without extra cost, in the smallest package.
Major Improvements:
  • Higher Accuracy: 0.05° Roll/Pitch, 0.2° Heading, 1 cm Position (RTK) 
  • Full-featured OEM packages available for all models (17 grams)
  • Dual-frequency RTK receiver and post-processing
  • Major power consumption reduction for all products
  • Major size reduction for Ellipse-D with no compromise on performance

Ellipse Series 3rd Generation offers unmatched performance at this size and price.

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