DroneShield Launches DroneOptID AI Powered Optical Detection, Identification & Tracking Software

DroneShield Ltd is pleased to announce the release of its camera-based software for drone detection, identification and tracking, DroneOptIDTM.
DroneOptIDTM has an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (“AI/ML”) engine at the core of its software, offering the latest in computer vision technology to detect, verify and track drones in real time. The AI/ML model has been developed specifically for drone detection and works seamlessly with DroneShield’s range of best in class drone detection and countermeasure devices.
The software is camera-agnostic and can work with a wide range of cameras. The initial integration includes Bosch MIC 7000 and 9000 cameras, with all current customers of those cameras globally now able to utilize this software.
In addition to compatibility with DroneShield’s DroneShieldCompleteTM native GUI, DroneOptIDTM can be used in third party Command and Control (C2) systems.

DroneOptID software enables more accurate tracking for manual or autonomous identification of drone threats. The software assists operators to manually determine other characteristics about the drone including payload, modifications and effectiveness of active countermeasures to ensure the response matches the threat.


  • Sensor Fusion: DroneOptID uses detection data from DroneShield or third party radar and RF detectors in order to make decisions about where the target is located.
  • Additional Data: Enhances camera’s ability to accurately give a visual display on the moving target, including its payload (which may not be available via other sensors)
  • Active Tracking: DroneOptID uses a unique combination of motion tracking and computer vision techniques to provide reliable ‘target on screen’ display.
  • Flight Prediction: DroneOptID uses proprietary flight prediction algorithm to assist tracking even when the target is inhibited from view.
  • Computer Vision: DroneShield employs the latest in computer vision technology to classify, localise and segment the image.
  • Comprehensive Drone Database: The DroneOptID model that has been trained on close to 100,000 individual samples to classify targets, with ongoing enhancements.
  • Confirmation: The operator can confirm whether active countermeasures (electronic warfare or kinetic) has been effective in mitigating the advance of the drone threat.
  • Deployable: DroneOptID comes preloaded and contained to a 19inch rack server for integration, installation and deployment.
  • Protected: 19inch rack server provided in rugged carry case.


Optical Recognition Performance
Nano drone e.g. DJI Mavic: up to 500m*
Small drone e.g. DJI M600: up to 1km*
Processing Frame Rate: 25 fps Average Detect Time: 200ms
*Specifications above based on software performance with DroneOpt1 camera and RadarZero radar.
Further ranges are available with higher performance hardware.

Hardware, Power & Data
DroneOptID software requires a dedicated server to operate (included with purchase).
Supporting hardware requires additional power and data
DroneOptID software is camera hardware agnostic (integration completed with Bosch MIC IP 7000 and 9000 cameras)
Recommended camera is ONVIF compliant and uses RTSP

Output Options:
DroneShield Complete GUI
IP-based alerts (Email, SMS, XML/JSON)
DroneOptID API

Environment and Installation
DroneOptID server format: 2RU (19 inch rack)
Weight (DroneOptID server rack only, excluding Rugged Carry Case): 6.6kg (14.6lbs)
Operating temperature: -25°C to +80°C (-13°F to +176°F)
Case Colour: Black IP Rating: IP67 (in external shell case)

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