DroneInch Delivers Industry’s Drone Automation Software that Enables Global Drone Missions

DroneInch, Inc., today announced DroneInch 3.0 automation software, featuring new AI-powered analytics capabilities for companies and service providers to gather insights from collected data, dramatically reducing the time to actionable information. DroneInch is the industry’s first drone automation software to power the entire drone operations lifecycle. The SaaS platform lets organizations plan thousands of flights remotely, operate autonomously while checking for compliance and safety, analyze results using an AI-powered analytics engine, and collaborate across global stakeholders through annotation and task flow creation.

Precisely flying drones to collect data is an extremely daunting manual process. Current solutions, originally developed for photography and gaming, do not meet the scale, automation, analysis, and collaboration needs of large-scale industrialized operations.

DroneInch 3.0 Highlights

Scale Planning: Tens to hundreds of missions per day

  • Global flight planning using the mobile application
  • Outlook-style calendar for scheduling recurring flights with industry-specific flight patterns
  • Ecosystem of Owner/Contract/Service Provider/Franchise operating models

Simple Operations: One pilot to hundreds of globally distributed pilots

  • Automatic checks for compliance and weather with integrated country-specific authorization for restricted areas
  • Software flies the drone for repeatable, error-free flights
  • One-touch operation for automated takeoff, terrain-aware flight, and crash-free landing

Swift Analysis: Data to insights in hours, not days

  • One-touch upload and data classification from drone to the AI-powered cloud analysis workbench
  • Integrated industry-relevant analysis such as orthomosaic, volumetric, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), 3D models and more
  • Data exported in industry-standard formats to integrated third-party partners

Seamless Collaboration: One-man to multi-stakeholder operations

  • Workflow-based collaboration across global experts with annotation, approval, and task management capabilities
  • Automated flight and maintenance logs for compliance
  • Multi-company, multi-level authorization (admin/operator/reviewer) for owner-operator and service provider models

Pricing and Availability

DroneInch 3.0, available from the Apple App Store, works across a range of DJI consumer, professional, and enterprise thermal drones. Monthly subscriptions include $99 for businesses or $199 for service providers with unlimited missions. Alternatively, prices are $10 per mission. Organization can sign up for a free, 30-day trial at www.droneinch.com

About DroneInch
DroneInch’s automation software platform shatters the barriers that have prevented businesses of all sizes from adopting drones ubiquitously.

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