Witherite Law Group To Partner With Midwest UAS To Launch Drones For Accident Investigation

Drone technology is a new and innovative approach to accident investigation that substantially improves the ability to visualize how a car or truck accident occurred. Drones enable law firms to provide insurance companies and courtroom juries a new and convincing view of the accident scene.

Witherite Law Group Founding Partner and Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer Amy Witherite, stated the importance of this technology in discussing the Midwest UAS partnership. “When we talk about why expertise matters in car and truck wrecks, this is what we mean,” stated Witherite. “Jackie Reiser and her drone team at Midwest UAS will enable us to extend, enhance and grow our accident investigation expertise through technology. This expertise translates to a major advantage for our clients in our battle to ensure they receive the settlements they deserve.”

Drone technology will allow Witherite Law Group to deliver convincing, highly accurate, measurable, and near real-time aerial maps, video, and images that reflect conditions at the time of the accident.

Jackie Reiser, Owner, Midwest UAS Technologies, said, “This partnership will raise the bar in evidence gathering and accident reconstruction in Dallas and Fort Worth. The technology isn’t only an advantage for clients, it’s also an advantage for the firm.” Keiser further explained, “Drones enable firms to complete inspections and data collection in a fraction of the time of manual methods. And it’s much safer for employees who conduct the investigations.”

Witherite added drone technology produces “highly accurate, measurable, geo-tagged data, offering a birds-eye view of the accident location using high resolution imagery, 4k video, and measurable 2D and 3D maps. This evidence will enable us to recreate the scene with incredible accuracy and near real-time conditions, quickly identify potential issues and, ultimately, allow our accident attorneys to tell a better client story that improves situational awareness and understanding of the wreck.”

Witherite Law Group is a Dallas-based personal injury law firm founded in 2001 with offices in Dallas, Fort Worth and Atlanta, GA. The firm’s attorneys specialize in helping those injured in a car or truck accident and can be reached by calling 1-800-TruckWreck or 1-800-CarWreck, 24 hours a day. 

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