FlytNow Launches Preferred Partner Program for Drone Solution Providers

FlytBase, Inc. today announces the launch of a Preferred Partner Program designed exclusively for drone system integrators, solution providers and drone hardware OEMs. With the mission of helping enterprises automate and scale their drone operations, FlytNow has successfully matured into a commercial-grade solution for managing remote, autonomous drone flights in real-time.

As a cloud-connected and hardware-agnostic SaaS offering, FlytNow enables quick, easy, remote deployment of drone fleets over a 4G/LTE/5G/WiFi network. Via a single, customized and intuitive web-based dashboard, users can view ultra-low-latency, HD video streams, and telemetry information at a command and control center located far away.

The partnership program is intended to create business value by serving customers in targeted geographies and sectors. By improving operational efficiency and safety, while reducing effort and cost of manual operations, FlytNow is used in automation solutions for use-case(s) ranging
from security & surveillance and public safety to drone delivery, asset inspections and surveys.

FlytNow customers across the world have realized higher productivity, boost in revenue, cost savings via automation and new revenue streams due to aerial capabilities.

With EVLOS & BVLOS missions gaining faster regulatory support due to the pandemic, enterprise drone fleet operations now leverage autonomous Drone-in-a-Box docking stations with precision landing and autonomous charging, complemented by seamless integration with existing IT systems. Thus, FlytNow Enterprise can empower a variety of remote stakeholders to
participate in missions, while ensuring data privacy, information security and role-based access.

By leveraging FlytBase’s strong digital presence, and its substantial investment in marketing & sales, FlytNow preferred partners can access new leads, detailed marketing collateral, tutorials, documentation and demo licenses. Together, we can serve enterprises across their journey from demos and Proof-of-Concept projects to pilot deployments and full production.

Nitin Gupta, FlytBase CEO emphasized, “In recent months, we have seen a surge of interest in commercial drone applications. The ability to automate many tasks, thus reducing human contact, is clearly the main driver – what’s encouraging is that this is commercially feasible now,
thanks to cost-effective hardware, intelligent software and regulatory support. However, to capture this market opportunity and drive exponential growth, the need for B2B partnerships is apparent. Seamless technology integration is critical for end-to-end solutions that are easy to
adopt and scale – along with a deep understanding of the use-case, reliability testing and a clear business case. This is exactly our vision for the FlytNow Preferred Partner program – pairing our partners’ unique market insights and customer relationships with our drone solutions.”

To learn more about FlytNow’s preferred partner program, and explore a win-win partnership for the commercial drone ecosystem, visit

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