Apellix™ Now Piloting Drone-Based UT Inspections

Apellix, protecting the world’s built and industrial environments through technology, is proud to announce they are now identifying pilot projects for ultrasonic wall thickness (UT) inspections of above-ground storage and terminal tanks.

Using semi-autonomous drones, Apellix performs UT wall thickness measurements on tanks as high as 60 meters. The system can measure up to 100 locations per hour, reporting real-time results to the engineer who is safely on the ground. All test data, as well as test location, environmental data and video confirmation is timestamped and stored on the onboard computer for easy download to Excel™ or your customer reporting software.

The Apellix systems use the DeFelsko PosiTector UTG M gauge with single element 5 MHz contact transducer. If you are interested in evaluating the system, please visit the Apellix website www.Apellix.com or contact Apellix at info@apellix.com or +1-904-647-4511

About Apellix

Apellix, an early-stage software company based in Jacksonville, Florida, has developed an aerial robotic platform with patented software and sensor arrays control precision flight to complete a wide range of tasks currently too expensive or too dangerous to otherwise perform. Video examples of Apellix drones at work can be on the Apellix Website.

For more information visit www.Apellix.com

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