FlytWare Launches Solution Partner Program for Drones in Warehouses

FlytBase, Inc. today launched the FlytWare Solution Partner program, designed for win-win partnerships in the supply chain industry, with a focus on inventory automation in large warehouses & DCs. By harnessing the power of fully autonomous drones, FlytWare Solution Partners can now create sustainable business value for their customers by saving time, effort and costs spent on manual inventory counts.

Inventory cycle counts, and wall-to-wall counts, are a critical part of warehouse & DC operations, yet remain largely manual – despite the rapid automation of inventory movement inside large warehouses. Aerial inventory scans, using cost-effective, off-the-shelf drones, are about to disrupt these manual counts – driven not only by e-commerce and fast supply chains but more so by concerns related to labor availability, drop-in profit margins and public health.

FlytWare, with intelligent automation software at the core, has successfully demonstrated the technical and commercial feasibility of automatic aerial inventory scans – across warehouses in US, Europe and Asia. These deployments are now ready to be scaled across sites, sectors and
geographies – powered by FlytWare partners.

Intelligent inventory drones can create a 10X impact on inventory counts – and offer intangible benefits in the form of improved worker safety, live video feeds, location-wise image data for audits and high-frequency wall-to-wall counts. As autonomous navigation, object recognition, AI/ML and machine vision techniques improve, such aerial scans are becoming relevant for an increasing array of inventory use-cases, such as counting items in broken pallets, estimating space utilization of rack locations, etc.

The Solution Partner program provides partners the ability to demonstrate inventory automation leadership, and thus differentiate themselves from in a competitive industry. With access to market & customer insights, the FlytWare solution roadmap, marketing collateral, product training, and RoI calculators, Solution Partners can rapidly climb the ‘drone learning curve’.
They can access multiple revenue streams across the journey of aerial inventory adoption, from lead generation to post-deployment maintenance and support.

With successful deployments in traditional as well as very narrow aisles (VNAs), rack as well as bulk storage, and one-deep pallet reserves as well as one-deep case reserves, FlytWare is ready for broader market adoption – with Solution Partners leading the way. The multi-billion-dollar
opportunity for warehouse inventory automation can be made a reality only via strong partnerships and seamless technology integration.

As Nitin Gupta, FlytBase CEO pointed out, “The importance of B2B partnerships has only increased amidst the ongoing pandemic; restrictions on travel, e-commerce & human involvement have highlighted the importance of remote collaboration and automation. Since last year, we have worked closely with not only our enterprise customers but also members of the warehouse inventory ecosystem such as WMS vendors, supply chain consultants, inventory service providers, pallet suppliers, and so on. These interactions clearly highlighted the need to help our customers navigate the journey of automation in their inventory search, count, and audit processes. We now wish to accelerate our FlytWare partnership activity, across countries, and across the customer life cycle.”

With continuous improvement and operational efficiency at the core of inventory management, the benefits of autonomous drones, versus manual counts, are too significant to ignore. FlytWare Solution Partners have the opportunity to engage in this industry disruption at its early stages,
and thus capture tremendous value for themselves and their customers.

To learn more about FlytWare’s solution partner program, and explore a B2B partnership, visit

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