AirBox Technologies Successfully Demonstrates Its AirBox Home Technology In Virginia

AirBox Technologies successfully demonstrates drone delivery into the AirBox Home smart, secure delivery receptacle. The purpose of the demonstration was to highlight secure delivery into a receptacle simulating critical healthcare delivery such as may occur with samples for COVID-19 testing or medication delivery to a patient.

“Medical delivery and healthcare applications for drone delivery are being looked at nationally as a delivery method for critical medications and supplies due to the pandemic. AirBox Home can play an important part in this logistics supply chain and create a secure endpoint for valuable products,” says Dr. Jeremy Tucker an emergency physician and Co-Founder of Drone Delivery Systems. “With COVID-19, we need to leverage the most cutting-edge technologies to help defeat the virus.”

The demonstration was carried out on the vacant campus of St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, VA. The Brunswick County facility, which closed to the public in 2013, provided a safe, complex community environment to demonstrate package deliveries by drones under a variety of conditions. Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), DroneUp, UPS, and Workhorse Group carried out extensive testing during the three-day exercise.

AirBox Technologies used it’s DroneX heavy lift drone which is capable of carrying 15 pounds over 6 miles to carry out the demonstration. It was able to perform multiple deliveries without fail in spite of wind gusts to 28 knots that day at the college campus.

Because of COVID-19, in addition to drone delivery, AirBox Home is receiving much interest in helping businesses with contactless delivery during social distancing and stay at home orders. The smart delivery receptacle, accessed with a phone app, can be used in front of a restaurant or business to allow the customer to retrieve their food or products without human interaction. Likewise, senior assisted living centers, nursing homes, and restaurants can immediately benefit from contactless ground courier deliveries. It is the perfect solution for post-delivery package security.

The AirBox Home was developed and is fully manufactured in Virginia. The DroneX which delivered the packages for the demonstration is made in the USA. The AirBox Home is drone agnostic, and the DroneX can carry most types of boxes and does not require specialty containers; although, AirBox Technologies also offers a thermally insulated AirBox Sky.

About AirBox Technologies:

AirBox Technologies, located in Lewes, Delaware creates innovative solutions for the future of autonomous secure package delivery to a secure end-point address. Inventor of the world’s first smart, secure, drone capable, mailbox—AirBox Home.

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