Sky Sapience Introduces HoverMast – Lite – the Next Generation of Tethered UAV Platform

Sky Sapience introduces its newest generation tethered UAV platform, HoverMast- Lite (HM-L1 and HM-L3.)

Designed to function as smaller, light-weight versions of their flagship HoverMast platform, the HM-L systems will be used in tandem with small robotic vehicles participating in the RCV/SMET programs.

The HM-L systems maintain the impressive capabilities of the original HoverMast product line; such as 100m hovering, 24/7/365, autonomous, on the move, bad weather operations, fiber optic communication, cyber immunity and operation in GPS denied environments, while also meeting the size, weight and electric power requirements of the RCV and SMET programs.

The unique design concept behind the HoverMast-Lite enables the tethered drone and the sensors operation without limiting the vehicle’s continuous work. Moreover, the HM-L does not occupy the vehicle’s bed, allowing it to remain available for additional equipment and sensors. The HM-L concept is internationally patent protected.

The HoverMast-Lite has the ability to incorporate most payloads weighing up to 6.0 kg; including CCD/IR cameras, radars, lasers, cellular and mesh communication devices, hyper spectral sensors and cyber systems.

The HM-Lite and its payload are both easily and intuitively controlled and monitored from a single ruggedized Human- Machine Interface (UHMI.)

Gabriel Shachor, founder and CEO of Sky Sapience said, “We’re excited to be offering a fully compatible tethered UAV platform for the RCV and SMET programs. As the sole producer of mobile, operational experienced tethered machines, Sky Sapience has a unique advantage when answering the governments’ calls for increasingly innovative and adaptive technologies to support their endeavors in robotics and beyond. We hope to serve the leading forces with the HoverMast-Lite innovative technology.”

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