KDDI, LG Uplus and CIRC Join Forces for Drone Business Market Development

Coretronic Intelligent Robotics Corporation (CIRC), a subsidiary of Coretronic group, announced today that the company signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KDDI and LG Uplus, which are the leading telecommunication companies in Japan and South Korea respectively, aims to further expand drone vertical markets.

In recent years, with the rapid development of drone technology, drones have become part of daily life from the “future stuff”, especially the commercial drone service market is booming. In addition, the world’s fifth-generation mobile communications (5G) will be gradually commercialized in the near term. Driven by the advantages of 5G ultra-high frequency bandwidth, high reliability and low latency, combining 5G communications and intelligent drones will be an inevitable trend for future market development.

KDDI and LG Uplus are the top three telecommunications service providers in Japan and South Korea, respectively, mastering the most advanced 5G-related technologies and abundant resources. With the alliance of the three parties, they will jointly develop fully autonomous drone solution for the commercial drone market in Japan and South Korea, to meet the needs of industry applications for drone services, such as power inspection, smart city, geographic exploration, security monitoring, logistics and transportation, precision agriculture, disaster management and other application services

With the R & D strength and rich experience of Coretronic Group in artificial intelligence, sensor fusion and computer vision analysis, CIRC has developed the first fully autonomous intelligent security drone in 2018, unlike traditional manual drone, which needs a professional pilot and manually operation, the new state-of-the-art drone can achieve the functions of autonomous take-off and landing for recharging,
autonomous patrol, real-time recognition and obstacle avoidance by proprietary flight management system (FMS) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and successfully developed the United States , Japan and other international markets, and the first to establish a new model for intelligent patrol management of drone in domestic smart factories and science parks. With the rapid growth in the demand for drone services in domestic and foreign markets, CIRC actively participates in various field verifications, and combines the end customers’ needs for various field recognition and detection, using artificial intelligence and sensor fusion intelligent module, taking drone technology to the next horizon.

“We are excited to team up with KDDI and LG Uplus to work together to drive the proliferation of drone-based solution and service in vertical markets. Our collaboration aims to develop a comprehensive and fully autonomous drone solution, which provides safer, higher efficient, and more cost-effective services to end customers,” said Andy Hsin, General Manager of CIRC. “This MOU is an important step forward for our strategic relationship, and would definitely accelerate the development of our solutions. Combining with in-depth domain knowledge of the telecom industry, especially the cutting-edge telecommunication technology through this partnership, I believe will, in turn, enhance competitiveness across the drone service industry, and becoming a precedent model for the global telecommunications service industry to provide cross-border services. “

Mr. Cho weonseok, a senior vice president of enterprise new business group of LG Uplus says that he expects that LG Uplus will be able to provide far better drone service by combining a LTE/5G embedded drone and drone nest as a whole, adding that by introducing CIRC’s efficient lightweight drone, LG Uplus has become able to sharpen a smart drone platform’s competitive edge.

KDDI also says: “This time KDDI, LG Uplus and CIRC have established a
collaboration alliance to expand the Japanese and Korean markets. The future cooperation is not limited to communication modules and the standardization of related communication interfaces, and will continue to expand global service and product of KDDI smart drone platform, to create new experience value for the realization of the drone society. “

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