VideoProc Issues New Video Editing Workflow Affecting Millions of DJI Users

Digiarty Software is working on the most expecting multimedia software in years. It has already made innovative solutions benefiting DVD holders and movie addicts. Now VideoProc team of the company is making distinctive video editing workflow which will influence millions of DJI users.

So far millions of Americans, including staff from Facebook, Apple and Twitter have been asked to work from home to prevent the fast spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). But not all people can bear the boring long stay at home. Flying with drones is a safe way to “get in touch” with the outside world and get relaxed and entertained. But things always be messed up or over-complicated before or after films are shot by DJI drones.

Kicking things off is a discovery that most of DJI users have troubles in device settings, software selection and post production. And VideoProc team gives an insight into the workflow:

Beginners are always confused about intricate parameters like Resolution, FPS, HDR, Color Space; some have no idea of how to use Landscape, Portrait, or Night Mode properly; others want to know more tricks of QuickShots, Rocksteady, time-lapse and slow-mo. VideoProc provides tutorials to explain them in detail.

Most importantly, a lot of DJI users failed to choose a right video editing program. The page recommends different tools for newbies, professionals and mobile users. Specifically, the default DJI GO or FLY app seems sufficient to be used on a smartphone or tablet. However, such mobile app is not able to cut a video accurately enough, or to support higher than 1080p/2.7K resolution (say, 4K/8K) output.

Then some users resort to Adobe Premiere Pro CC for editing DJI drone videos on a PC, but only end with utterly long learning curve. “That’s because Premiere is made for professionals,” says Huston Xu, Product Manager of Digiarty. “If you are searching for an easier way to cut, merge, crop, rotate your drone footage, or get the format converted, VideoProc would be a better choice, since it has full-GPU-accelerated speed, smoother process and easier operation.”

VideoProc Is Born for Quick (DJI) Video Processing and Conversion

VideoProc can be used as a new type of DJI video editing software. It seamlessly accepts all resolutions including 2.7K, 4K and 8K. In addition to the basic editing features, it can further help cut and joint clips flexibly and precisely, fix shaky footage, remove background noise, get rid of lens distortion, and adjust brightness or colors. All will be completed in a more streamlined manner.

Compared with other video editors, it enables DJI owners to download useful audios online to be used as background music, convert to make videos compatible with different online sharing platforms or playback devices, or record videos from screen or facecam.

To get insight into more editing needs of DJI users, Digiarty is carrying out a simple online survey. It is also a good chance to win full license of VideoProc for free.

About Digiarty Software, Inc.

Digiarty Software, Inc., a leading company in multimedia software developing, steps in various areas and spreads its business to diversified fields. Video editor, video recorder, video converter, video downloder, DVD ripper, DVD backup, iPhone manager, etc., these are representing functions of its users-favored products. With roughly 13 years development, Digiarty has accumulated vast user base all over the world and evolved to be the prosperous company in the industry.

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