UAVOS Main Rotor Blades Increase UAV Operating Life

UAVOS, a developer of professional unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has announced that it has completed its tests of the new version of the main rotor blades for installation on helicopters with a take-off mass of 50 kg and a rotor diameter of 2600 mm. Composite blades are improved by gluing into the leading edge an all-metal edging. As a result of the modification, the aerodynamic stability of the blade has been improved, and wear resistance has been increased during flights in severe weather conditions: rain, snow, dust, sand, etc., thereby the product’s operating life has doubled.

Rotor blade tips spin at near sound speeds. And any object, whether it be dust, sand, grass, snow, ice chips, insects, etc. at such speeds, destroys the leading edge,” comments UAVOS CEO Aliaksei Stratsilatau. “The new design features upgrades resulting in improved performance envelope and reliability. This approach allows customers to run very lean maintenance programs that require only basic facilities,” says Aliaksei Stratsilatau.

UAVOS main rotor blade is the result of deep technological improvement. The rotor blade operates in very difficult conditions. Aerodynamic forces acting on it bend, twist, pull apart, tend to tear off the shell. To “resist” the impact of aerodynamic forces, the blade must be strong enough. Besides that, the blade should be light and immune to environmental influences.

UAVOS rotor blades are made using the technology of hot molding of composite prepreg material – the technology of manufacturing the blade in a single press die operation. This method rules out the delamination of the lower and upper planes, since there is no glue line. Besides that, the design includes twisting and narrowing of the blade, which increases the strength and rigidity of the product.

UAVOS manufacturing process allows to create blades with high aerodynamic characteristics, thereby increasing their durability, reducing production costs, improving the flight technical parameters of an unmanned helicopter, as well as making flights more reliable in severe weather conditions.

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