New Measure Ground Control Software Adds Mapping Powered by Pix4D

Measure, a leading aerial intelligence company, released an expanded version of its drone software platform, Measure Ground Control.
The new solution combines a user-friendly flight application and complete program management capabilities with integrated data processing and mapping tools powered by the leader in photogrammetry, Pix4D.

This is the third major iteration for Ground Control, completing the entire drone workflow from flight planning and data collection, to data processing, analysis, and reporting. With this comprehensive solution, users can solve their end-to-end drone workflow challenges with a single software platform that saves costs compared to piece-meal products and
other drone mapping software on the market.

Integrating Pix4D software with Measure Ground Control’s simplified user interface and advanced map viewer enables experienced drone pilots to easily create and view high-quality orthomosaics, digital surface models (DSM) and contour maps, right in the Ground Control platform. Data products can also be exported as GeoTIFF (for orthos and DSMs) or
GeoJSON (for contours) files for use across GIS software platforms common in construction, asset management, and survey-related work.

“The latest version of Ground Control expands our user base across the drone ecosystem,” says Measure CEO and Co-Founder, Brandon Torres Declet. “Not only have we made it simple to fly and manage a drone program, but now we’ve made the most powerful drone mapping software, Pix4D, accessible to a broader audience. Measure Ground Control is the
most cost-effective way for independent drone service providers and corporate drone programs alike to fly safely and create high-quality data products.”

“We’re excited to make Pix4D’s high-quality photogrammetry available within Measure Ground Control,” states Christopher Cressy, Managing Director, North America at Pix4D. “The integration of our data processing and data products with comprehensive program management and tracking features means users will benefit from operational efficiencies
without sacrificing data product quality.”

Measure Ground Control is available in three versions: Pro for individual professionals, Teams for small to medium businesses, and Enterprise for large corporations. Pricing starts at $69 per month and includes processing of up to 2000 images. Subscriptions also include unlimited flights, reporting, and data storage. Interested parties can sign up for a free trial
on Measure’s website,

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