FlytNow Offers Ultra Low Latency for Drone Video Streams and Remote Fleet Management over 4G/5G

Commercial drones are making rapid inroads into almost every industrial sector – such ‘eyes in the sky’ are turning out to be invaluable for inspecting critical infrastructure, high-value assets, public events, large farms, and even underground mines. The combination of commoditized hardware, intelligent automation software and proactive regulation is serving as a tail-wind for the rapid growth of enterprise drone automation programs.

While there is a wide variety of commercial drone hardware being built, tested and deployed – with autopilot and automation software controlling such hardware – the fact is that many commercial drone use-cases simply require live video streams, to begin with. Live video feeds from drones provide immediate feedback to stakeholders, who can then make better-informed decisions whether in the context of public safety or infrastructure maintenance.

It is precisely such capabilities that FlytNow (earlier branded as FlytGCS) provides – not only to drone operators and service providers but also to system integrations and in-house enterprise drone programs. Drone live streaming, with near-real-time 4K video feeds over 4G/LTE/5G networks, enables remote stakeholders to participate in drone missions – and even control the drone and/or camera gimbal from far away.

Drone operators are looking for cost-effective SaaS solutions that align with their business realities, while drone solution providers need the ability to customize such software and enable special sensors, cameras, video archival requirements, and third-party integrations. Larger drone service providers also need the option to white-label their drone management platform and enable secure access to HD video from drones, telemetry, and remote gimbal control – thus ensuring data privacy. Finally, in-house enterprise drone operations demand best-in-class security, cost-effective scalability and the ability to do custom PoCs and pilots that address corporate use-cases for drones.

FlytNow is unique in its ability to support most major drone hardware platforms (eg. DJI, Ardupilot, Pixhawk) – in fact, any platform that provides access via a comprehensive, reliable, scalable SDK. Customers can tailor their live, remote drone operation solution by choosing a suitable off-the-shelf drone (or building a custom one with a standard autopilot) – and complementing it with the relevant RC, companion computer, Android device and/or connectivity hardware. Thus, high-quality video streams, with very low latency, can be made viable on almost all commercial drones; this can be complemented with the ability to remotely control the
drone and/or gimbal, over a 4G/LTE/5G or WiFi connection.

With a modular IoT architecture that has edge and cloud capabilities, the FlytBase technology platform is designed to easily expand FlytNow capabilities to incorporate edge-level capabilities such as obstacle avoidance, cloud-level features such as video storage on private/public clouds, and APIs that can make drone data available for automatic processing using AI/ML, computer vision and object recognition techniques.

Nitin Gupta, FlytBase CEO, emphasized, “Whether it’s public safety, perimeter security or asset inspections, our customers need real-time situational awareness – video streaming is a key component of this capability. The ability to easily share live video feeds from drone missions with stakeholders across the world, and control such access at a user level, makes enterprise drone operations rapidly scalable, yet secure. We see commercial drones delivering business value across use-cases, starting with high-quality video streams and expanding to the use of various sensors, thermal/IR cameras, precision landing, autonomous charging, dynamic airspace management and more.”

About FlytBase
FlytBase is an enterprise drone automation company with technology that automates and scales drone applications. The software enables easy deployment of intelligent drone fleets, seamlessly integrated with cloud-based business applications. FlytBase technology is compatible with all major drone and hardware platforms. With IoT architecture, enterprise-grade security and reliability, the platform suits a variety of commercial drone use-cases, powered by autonomy.

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