Delft Dynamics’ DroneSphere, Spherical DroneBox Revealed!

The first prototype of Delft Dynamics’ DroneSphere is revealed, thanks to students of the Avans University of Applied Sciences, Minor Aerospace Engineering & Maintenance (Breda).

This is the first ball-shaped DroneBox in the world, as far as known, and the biggest advantage is its perfect water resistance thanks to a rotating hemisphere.

These types of DroneBoxes can e.g. be put on poles or sideways against structures. The aerodynamic shape will have less drag compared to rectangular shaped boxes. There is also no need for a lifting system and the DroneSpheres can be equipped with automatic charging systems or (powered) tethers for continuous deployment. In a network of DroneSpheres, drones can fly from one shelter to another. The dimensions can, of course, be adjusted depending on the types of drones to be used.

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