Japan Airlines and Yabu City Sign Agreement to Perform UAV Trial Flight in Spring 2020

Japan Airlines (JAL) and Yabu City today entered into an agreement to verify the feasibility of utilizing UAV technology to transport emergency goods to unpopulated areas in Japan with the cooperation of Terra Drone Corporation (Terra Drone).

Since the summer of 2019, JAL and Terra Drone have been in discussions to perform demonstrations utilizing fixed-wing drones, utilizing Terra UTM technology. Terra UTM, stands for unmanned aircraft system traffic management, utilizes flight plans and flight information corresponding to various communication methods.

Based on the agreement, JAL and Terra Drone will aim to solve regional issues by providing logistics services using UAVs, such as delivery of pharmaceuticals and other emergency supplies.

Outline of the Cooperation Agreement

  1. Demonstration and verification of new delivery services by using UAVs in mountainous areas
  2. Joint study for utilization of Air Mobility

Outline of the Demonstration

  • Date: Spring of 2020
  • Flight Route: 25km from Yoka Municipal Hospital to Deai, Clinic over Yagi River
  • Transport: Relief supplies in emergency situations, such as bandages, over-the-counter medicines
  • Operation System: Terra UTM

Main Roles

  • JAL: Providing operational knowledge accumulated via aircraft operation experience
  • Terra Drone: Technical Cooperation by Terra UTM and operation of small fixed-wing UAV
  • Yabu City: Coordination with the local community and related parties for the demonstration

External Supporters

  • Yoka Municipal Hospital, Deai Clinic and Council of Deai School District: Provision of demonstration fields
  • Mediceo Corporation: Provision of test equipment (transportation box, simulation ampoule, temperature logger)

Key Goals
JAL aims to develop a new type of service in the air transportation industry, utilizing new UAV technology, by delivering medical care in remote areas and achieve key sustainable development goals.

Terra Drone aims to be a leading company in commercial drone services. In particular, Terra drone believes in the potential of drones, driving the Aerial Industrial Revolution and provide convenient services.

Yabu City has announced the use of drones in agriculture and is looking to expand the technology into other fields, such as disaster, logistics, and medical care assistance. Through these demonstrations, Yabu City will work on the deregulation of UAV technology, aiming to assist unpopulated regional areas in Japan.

For more information visit https://www.terra-drone.net/global/

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